Hurricane Supplies List

Hurricane Preparedness and Recovery Supplies

When a hurricane is approaching you must make quick decisions that affect your business, employees and employee’s families. Wondering if you have all your hurricane supplies should be the least of your worries. Even with last minute preparations, it’s important to have the essentials on hand. The best way to organize your supply list is by breaking the list down into three phases: Preparation, Survival and Recovery.


Make Sure You have Power

Regardless of whether you plan on evacuating or sheltering in place, power will be the essential component in your supplies. Mobile power such as batteries and power banks will be needed to charge radios, flashlights and phones. Gas cans will be needed to power generators and vehicles. Generators may be needed once the storm has passed. You will want to be able to power all your devices, whether on the go, sheltering in place or in the aftermath.

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First Aid Kit

Not Everyone Evacuates for a Hurricane

If you chose to stay, you will want to have some often overlooked items. Communication is key to knowing what is happening with the storm. Communication with others sheltering with you is also important. Flashlights should be available in every room, along with a first aid kit in each bathroom/kitchen. And toilet paper… don’t forget the toilet paper.

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Cleaning Supplies will be Your Best Friend

You may experience water damage from flooding or roof damage. Even in the absence of water damage, long term power outages will cause cold foods to go bad. Toilets will get stagnant. Musky odors will fill your business. You may need a variety of cleaners to clean up these problems.

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Regardless of Your Hurricane Zone, Water Damage is Likely

If the roof is damaged, you will need to get a temporary fix, ASAP. It will be a while before roofing repairs can actually begin. If there is standing water inside, you need to be able to respond quickly. Having these items on hand will help ensure a much faster recovery, thus minimizing damage.

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It’s Going to be Hot and Uncomfortable

During the aftermath, it is likely going to be hot and humid. Water and debris might be everywhere. Oh, and the bugs will be a nightmare. These often overlooked essentials can give you a mental edge on recovery.

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Act Now

An organized hurricane supply list and a proactive approach to preparations will not only help your company weather the storm, it will help your company breeze through it. Go into the next hurricane confident that these supplies will have your business and employees operational with as little disruption as possible.


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