Field Service

Imperial’s Lean Setup Team

Our team of Field Service Technicians are the experts in optimizing your workspace and inventory management. You’ll enjoy a clean, organized shop with a standardized inventory system. Any inventory optimization, steel, or assortment recommendations will be addressed as a part of this process.

Do you have a Continuous Improvement Initiative? This process can be easily incorporated into your organization’s existing programs.

Field Service Overview

Already Scheduled For Field Service?

Below is the step-by-step process for what you can expect during your shop conversion.

Step 1 - Site Visit By Regional Manager
Step 2 - Pre-Conversion Activities
  • Contact made by Dedicated Account Advisor
  • Dedicated Account Advisor will obtain contact information, confirm conversion date, provide web access information, determine who should be trained on scanner, approval process and any immediate product needs
Step 3 - Shop Conversion
  • Remove pre-identified obsolete inventory
  • Install bin location system and bar coding system
  • Clean, label and organize all stocking locations in each shop
  • Download scanner software and mobile app, and then provide training
Step 4 - Dedicated Account Advisor Support
  • Consistent service to all locations based on your specific needs
  • Well-versed in your day-to-day operations
  • Specific products for your organization
  • Technical and product management support
  • Customer Service support 6 am - 6 pm CST
Step 5 - Continued Partnership with Imperial
  • Create and place orders via our barcode scanner or mobile app to scan items around the shop or browse our website on desktop or mobile to build and complete your order
  • Same Day Shipping (on orders received by 1 pm CST) - 1-2 day delivery time frame
  • Warranty product assistance (vehicle lighting, etc.)

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