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catalytic converter theft
How to Defend Against the Costly Surge in Bus Catalytic Converter Theft

Buses are sitting ducks for the growing number of catalytic converter thieves. These thefts are concerning because the damage threatens bus safety and results in downtime that impedes the essential services they provide. Costly damages, safety threats and service disruptions make it a priority to understand and prevent bus catalytic converter theft.

Winter Wiper Blades
Why Winter Wiper Blades Should Be a Priority

Read on to learn the key considerations for maximizing your wiper blade performance this winter from the fleet supply experts at Imperial Supplies. Headquartered in Northern Wisconsin, we know a thing or two about winter driving and we’re happy to share.

Truck Driver Appreciation Week
Truck Driver Appreciation - More Than Just a Week

With National Truck Driver Appreciation Week upon us September 11-17, it’s important to express an attitude of gratitude to the men and women who are the living links in America’s supply chain. It’s also an opportunity to renew our appreciation for the physical and mental demands drivers endure to get the job done.

Wheel Weights
Wheel Weights Bring Good Vibes by Fixing Troublesome Vibrations

Wheel weights are small weights of just a few ounces that are applied to tires to keep them in balance. It doesn’t matter whether you’re driving a sports car or a big rig, all wheels require balancing and it’s done with wheel weights made of soft metals like lead or polymer-coated zinc and steel.

TPMS Sensors : Dial up the Pressure on Safety and Cost Savings

Maintaining proper tire pressure cuts to the heart of fuel efficiency, tire wear and safety—three key concerns for truckers and fleet managers. That’s why it is important to understand how a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) works and the critical role of TPMS sensors. These devices perform the essential role of constantly sensing the air pressure of every tire on a tractor trailer and triggering an alert when tire pressure goes outside of safety setpoints.

Why It’s Essential to Use Wheel Chocks and How to Choose Them

Wheel chocks are one of the simplest, most important pieces of safety equipment at the terminal, worksite or yard because they prevent heavy equipment from creating heavy accidents. They’re so simple that they’re often overlooked and commonly taken for granted.  

Definitive Guide to Truck Classifications: 1 to 8 from A to Z

The truck classification system is based on Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). This is the weight of the vehicle including the vehicle itself, its fuel, passengers, cargo, trailer and every accessory or attachment. GVWR is a measure of a vehicles maximum poundage when it’s loaded.

How to Prevent Vehicle Fuel Theft
How to Prevent Vehicle Fuel Theft

Fuel theft occurs everywhere from gas stations and refineries to rest stops and truck yards. The majority of crimes take place out on the road with diesel being stolen on a small scale. According to experts in fuel theft and fraud, gang or organized robberies like the one previously mentioned, while significant, account for only 1% of the fuel stolen globally.

Tire Longevity
Tire Longevity - Why the Trucker’s World Revolves Around Tires

The lifecycle of a truck tire depends on many factors, starting with the quality of the tires you buy. The application plays a role, too. Heavy long hauls or local driving with lots of stops and starts? Choosing the wrong tire shortens lifespan. Excessive torque accelerates wear as well as damage from road hazards or accidents.

Ladder climbing safety
Take a Step Toward Ladder Safety

If you make ladders available for your employees to use, you are responsible and legally required to adhere to ladder training and safety standards. Not only does following OSHA ladder standards ensure you remain in compliance, these well-designed safety practices help you protect workers and prevent costly injuries.

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