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Ready for International Roadcheck?

 Roadcheck Safety Violations

The 2021 Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s “International Roadcheck” inspection initiative is fast approaching -- and now’s the time to start planning for your drivers and fleet vehicles to cruise through without a hitch.

This year’s event will take place May 4-6, giving you more than enough time to make sure you’re prepared. Inspectors will be capturing data on two key categories, corresponding to the two main inspection categories of the North American Standard Level I Inspection – driver operating requirements and vehicle mechanical fitness.

This year’s special focus: Hours of service and vehicle lighting.

International Roadcheck is the largest targeted compliance, enforcement and education for commercial motor vehicles in the world. Every year, thousands of random Level I, II, III and V inspections take place on the truck routes of the U.S., Canada and Mexico; within an intensive 72-hour period.

Vehicles inspected include large trucks/combinations, cargo tanks/combinations transporting hazardous materials (hazmat), non-hazmat cargo tanks/combinations and passenger carrier vehicles.

Those found in violation may face costly fines and be placed Out-of-Service (OOS) until the violations are remedied.

Most Common Violations

International Roadcheck 2020, held last September, resulted in an overall North American OOS rate of 20.9% of inspections, an increase from 17.9%. The most common violations for vehicles and drivers are listed below:

Top Five Vehicle Out-of-Service (OOS) Violations – North America 2020

  1. Brake Systems: 25.8%
  2. Tires: 19%
  3. Lights: 13.5%
  4. Cargo Securement: 12.9%
  5. Brake Adjustment: 12.8%

Top Five Driver OOS Violations – North America 2020

  1. Hours of Service: 34.7%
  2. Other (moving violations, cell phone use, etc.): 21.8%
  3. Wrong Class License: 21.2%
  4. Falsified Logs: 14%
  5. Suspended License (XX?)

While these statistics are from the 2020 event, these are generally the violations most commonly found year after year. And they’re all preventable with a little planning!  

Avoiding CVSA Violations

Proper inspection of your equipment before hitting the road is still one of the most reliable ways drivers can protect themselves from International Roadcheck violations. Start each day with a pre-trip that includes checking ALL your lighting and reflectors.

With lighting a focus of this year’s event, you definitely want to make sure your headlights, parking lights, tail lights and turn signals are all functioning. Look for cracked lenses and water leak damage, especially on any trailers or tankers you might be picking up throughout the day.

In addition, make certain your drivers pay special attention to Hours of Service as they apply to their situation.

Make sure everyone knows the number of hours they can work/drive per day, the number of total hours they can work/drive per 7 or 8 day period, the proper Class CDL (A,B or C) they should be carrying, and the importance of maintaining an accurate record of duty and daily logging. Keep a paper logbook in the truck as well. Remember, depending on the violation, Hours of Service fines can run five figures, so be certain drivers are following the rules.

Other good things to keep in mind include:

  1. Easing up on the accelerator. We know, every trip is running up against the clock, but remember, during International Roadcheck, the radar guns will be out in force.
  2. No cell phones. You’re already required to be hands free on the phone, but we all know plenty of drivers who are still texting or taking photos to post on Facebook. States are cracking down on phone use and other forms of distracted driving. While you have to stay in touch with home or with dispatch, just do it safely; when you’re stopped if possible.
  3. Buckle up. By now, this ought to be common sense, but still we read accident stories of drivers being killed or seriously injured because they weren’t buckled in. And, if you have a passenger, it’s up to you to be sure they strap in as well.
  4. Remember the basics. Aside from traveling at an appropriate speed, be aware that this week motor enforcement is going to be especially vigilant about truckers who are tailgating, making improper lane changes, not obeying traffic signals, and other basics of highway safety. And, even before you get rolling, do a thorough pre-trip and be sure your truck is operating at its best and that your load is properly secured.
  5. Pay attention. Lots of us “zone out” on the job. Because we daydream, get bored, or almost nod off because we stayed up too late the night before, our attention slips. But, when you do it even for a brief moment, 80,000 lbs. of truck and cargo may drift off the interstate.

For more information on keeping your fleet in top operating condition and getting ready for the May 4-6 International Roadcheck, reach out to us at Imperial Supplies whenever it’s convenient. We’re the experts who are always ready to help!

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