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Beat the Heat, Inside the Shop and Out!

By: Imperial Supplies

Occupations that bring people into daily contact with the kind of suffocating heat most of us can escape, such as construction, vehicle repair, firefighting, factory work, present an even higher risk. Add individual worker factors such as age, weight, preexisting medical conditions and medicines that may produce negative side effects under extreme body temperatures, and you’ve got the potential for something pretty serious.

But here’s the cool thing: virtually 100% of heat-related on-the-job illnesses are preventable, from painful cases of heat rash to the far more dangerous heat exhaustion and heat stroke. But the right measure will take some understanding, planning and the commitment of your entire tea.

Stay Hydrated while Working in the Shop

By: Imperial Supplies

As air temperatures go up, body temperatures also increase along with higher levels of perspiration. If your crews aren’t continually replacing the body fluids they lose through sweating, dehydration can take place.

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