Frequently Asked Questions


How do I request an account?

You can shop and view pricing with Imperial Supplies by creating an online account. Please visit the following link to Create Account:

Can I make export requests?

Unfortunately, we do not do business outside the contiguous United States of America due to exporting rules and regulations. Even if we know our product might possibly leave the United States we cannot sell to this customer as our company could be fined or face tough penalties for such an action.  

How do I reset my password?

Please reset your password for your online account if you are experiencing issues.

What are authorization charges?

The higher charge you are seeing on your bank statement shows the pre-authorization charges for this order. Once the order invoices in full, you should see this total automatically adjust on your bank to reflect the true order total from Imperial Supplies.  


Where do I send my tax exemption?

Please email your completed Tax Exemption document to Our Tax Team will then review and update your account accordingly. 

Payment Terms – Net 30 – Credit Card Only

Net Payment Terms are not available to newly created accounts. Any orders must be paid with a credit card.  Imperial Supplies is able to offer the Line of Credit Application form after 30 days with a successful credit card order transaction. 


Does Imperial offer free shipping?

Imperial Supplies offers free shipping on orders of $400 or more.