Winter Storm Preparedness and Supplies

Winter Storm Preparedness

Protection is the key component of a winter storm supplies list. Your employees will need personal protection such as cold gear and transportation safety gear, so they can continue to work as long as conditions allow. Your facility also needs protection to stay operational as long as possible. Equipping your team with the tools to remove snow and ice can help minimize disruption.


Personal Protection from Cold

Team members need to stay safe during extreme cold. Safety gear should protect employees from frostbite and hypothermia. Head to toe protection should be considered to weather the varying degrees of severity of the winter storm.

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Transportation Safety Items

If your business is transportation based, safety equipment should be stored in all vehicles. If your employees are driving in winter storms these supplies may be critical, not just for their safety, but for the safety of other stranded motorists.

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Protection for Business Facilities

Your business can stay operational with the right equipment and supplies in place. Protecting your facilities and grounds means protecting your employees and customers.

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Keep the Snow Accumulation at Bay

Keeping snow from building up around your business will allow your employees and customers to continue to visit the facility. Properly functioning equipment will help keep commerce flowing and minimize the disruption to the team.

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Act Now

With proper preparation your business can continue to operate. Your team members and facilities will be functional and safe, ensuring that your business moves forward as best as possible given the circumstances. Don’t be left in the cold.


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