Earthquake Preparedness, Response and Recovery

Preparing for an Earthquake Emergency

When faced with an earthquake emergency, thorough planning and preparation is crucial to keeping employees safe and puts your business in a strong position to quickly reopen its doors. There are steps each company can take now to make structures more resistant to earthquake damage and disruption. Employees should be trained on what to expect and how to react safely to shakes and tremors. A careful assessment of the risks specific to your facility will guide your earthquake preparation and recovery plan.


How to Prepare for an Earthquake

Educate employees on the drop, cover and hold on progression, as well as any other company earthquake safety procedures. It’s important to mitigate potential damages and injuries within your facility by fastening shelves to walls, storing heavy items on lower shelves, and securing equipment with gas or electric lines to wall studs and flooring. Make sure your facility is equipped with earthquake safety kits that include items such as flashlights, weather alert radios and first aid kits so employees can recover quickly in the event of an earthquake.

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Respond and Recover from an Earthquake Emergency

In the event of an earthquake, it is best practice to drop in place, cover your head and neck with your arms, seek a sturdy desk or table for shelter, and hold on. When the shaking has subsided, check yourself for injuries, then utilize the prepared safety kits to help others if trained to do so. Be aware that aftershocks often follow the main shock of an earthquake. Immediately report any gas leaks, downed electrical wires or other hazardous materials to authorities. Earthquake rescue and cleanup should only be done by trained personnel.

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Act Now

Earthquakes aren’t always predictable, so it’s essential to prepare now. Take the time to understand your risk of experiencing an earthquake, then take the action to minimize the risk for your employees and facility. Planning now will have your business and employees operational with as little disruption as possible.


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