Active Shooter Preparation and Recovery Supplies

Before, during and after are all critical junctures of any active shooter preparedness plan. Employees should have the proper training and safety resources that will empower them to quickly respond to active shooter incidents. A careful assessment of the security of your building can ensure it is equipped with resources that will keep employees safe.


Active Shooter Preparedness

Prepare by forming a collaborative emergency action plan that involves human resources, facilities management and local law enforcement. Staff must learn which actions can be taken to prevent and prepare for an active shooter situation, as well as how to identify potential violence indicators. These steps, along with establishing crisis kits that include radios, floor plans and first aid kits, can form your best chance of survival when faced with an active shooter event.

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Active Shooter Response and Recovery Supplies

Immediately respond to any active shooter emergency by contacting local law enforcement agencies. Evacuating staff should be trained to leave personal belongings behind and put their hands in the air to signal to police that they are unarmed. Remember that no single response fits all active shooter situations. Ensure every individual is trained to know how to use more than one option in the run, hide, fight progression.

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Act Now

Active shooter incidents can be unpredictable. Be prepared. Be knowledgeable. Establishing an actionable plan is vital to the safety of your employees and the surrounding public. Take the steps now to limit the impact an active shooter situation can have on your business.


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