Prepare your Business for Flooding

Flooding is one of the most time consuming natural disasters that can strike your business facility. Long after the flood waters have receded, dangerous and business-halting effects can linger. By taking the time to prepare, losses to your business can be minimized and your team can begin rebuilding in a timely manner.


Plan Ahead to Prevent Damage

If your business location resides in a flood zone or area prone to flooding, you should have flood protection supplies on hand and ready for deployment. If you can stop the water from getting indoors, you have already won a portion of the battle.

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Dry Out the Indoor Areas

Recovery cannot begin until the interior rooms of your facility are dry. Even after the water has receded, walls, floors and furniture may remain damp. The longer the dampness lingers, the longer the recovery process.

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Your Facilities may be without Power

Before connecting any power source, ensure the area is free from water. Battery powered devices offer the safest alternative to power during post flood recovery. However, you may need power to run dehumidifiers, fans and other equipment.

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Make Your Employees’ Safety a Priority During Cleanup

Mold may be an issue after a flood and during cleanup. Personal protection should take priority over cleaning supplies. There are several safety elements needed on your flooding supplies list.

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Get Ready to Scrub… Everything

As things are drying out, cleaning the affected areas will be imperative to recovery. Be prepared to scrub walls, floors, equipment, furniture and supplies. Mold and mildew can set in anywhere. Keeping them from taking hold or spreading will speed up the recovery process.

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Act Now

Flooding doesn’t have to impact your business. If you have a plan in place to respond, and the supplies to carry out that plan, your business can recover quickly. Preparation is vital, and now is the time to prepare.


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