Heat Exhaustion & Heat Stroke Prevention

Extreme Heat Preparation

Anyone, regardless of age, can succumb to heat exhaustion. If left unmanaged, heat exhaustion could lead to heat stroke. Preventing illnesses related to extreme heat comes in the form of preparing your workers and your shop with the proper tools to stay cool when the temperature starts to rise.


Stay Hydrated

Dehydration comes well before any physical forms of heat stress are present. Hydration is the ultimate key to keeping safe in extreme heat, as water allows the body to cool itself, while maintaining proper organ and metabolic functions.

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Keep Cool, Obviously

It’s hard to stay cool working outdoors in the heat, or in a warehouse/shop environment that is not climate controlled. In these situations, clothing elements can be used to keep the body cool.

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Keep the Facilities Cool in the Absence of Climate Control or Inadequate Air Flow

As an employer, you can keep your employees safe by ensuring the air is circulating and cooling the areas of your facility that may be subject to extreme heat. In many cases, shop and warehouse environments have difficulty staying cool with just an air conditioner.

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Protect Outdoor Employees from the Heat and Sun

If you have onsite employees working outdoors, give them protection from the heat and sun by providing shade and sun protection. This becomes even more important if employees are working on concrete or asphalt surfaces.

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Act Now

With proper preparation your business can keep employees cool and safe this summer. This keeps employees safe and productive during the hottest months, and prevents a loss of production during the hottest parts of the day.


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