Help: Creating a new order

How do I create a new order?
Creating a new order is a simple process, but it does require quite a bit of information to properly build the order. When you start a new order, as much information as possible is filled in on the form, and you can simply change anything you need to for your order. The order itself requires the following information:

  • Shipping Address: The shipping address is the address the order will be shipped to. This address must exist within the continental United States. Since shipping companies cannot deliver to a PO box, PO boxes will be rejected if they are used as a Ship-To address.
  • Billing Address: The billing address is the address the invoice will be sent to. This address must exist in the continental US, and PO boxes are allowed in this address. You can also use the ship-to address as a bill-to address.
  • PO: The PO is a purchase order number or value that can be used by Imperial for payment purposes. Some accounts require this field to be filled in, and if so, the field will not be allowed to be blank.
  • Account Code, Cost Center, Project, Employee #: These fields are additional billing fields that can be used by your internal Accounts Payable department for payment routing.
  • Ship Via: The ship-via is the method you want to use for shipping your order. The current list of shipment methods is UPS Ground and FedEx Ground (formerly RPS). We require the shipment method to be selected before the order is processed in order to give continuous freight estimates as ordering is done.

Once you have filled in these values, you can press the create order button to check your information and complete the order creation. If there are errors, you will be routed back so you can correct them. Otherwise, the order will be created, and you will be directed to your ordering page to begin adding products to your order.

Please see the how to order page to review the process of ordering from Imperial's website.

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