Help: Ordering from Imperial's E-Commerce Website

1) Log In to the website
You must login to work with your orders. When you login, the web site will reset itself for your personal settings and pricing and allow you to create orders within your account. If you don't have a web account with us, you can sign up for one here.

2) Start new order or select existing order

  • Start New Order:
    At this point you will be prompted for your shipping address and shipping method. This will determine freight costs and how the products will be shipped.
  • Select Existing Order:
    You can select any order that is pending check out. The website will switch over to the order you select. Any changes or additions you make will apply to that order. Imperial saves any order you start for 14 (fourteen) business days. Any order older than 14 business days is automatically deleted. This means you can start an order, then put it on hold for as long as 14 days while you get confirmation, PO numbers or whatever you need to complete and release the order.

3) Add to or change your order
There are a couple of ways for you to add items to your order. You can browse catalog sections by using the links on the left side of the page or you can use the search functions. To search the catalog use the search function on the left side of the page. The top of the catalog item page has an area to add product to your order or you can enter part numbers directly to your order. Your order form has a box in the upper right hand corner allowing you to directly enter part numbers and quantities. You can use the Quick-Add to bulk-add items by part number onto your order. You can also use the My Lists to generate lists of part numbers to order using popular items, a shop sample, or even a custom form designed by yourself or by Imperial to your specifications.

4) Review your order at any time
On the order review page you can review your order as you enter it. This page will list your order total, estimated tax and freight, indicate any products that may be low or out of stock, and indicate if any part of the order will split from one of Imperial's secondary distribution centers. You can also change your order shipping information on this page at any time up to check out.

5) Check out your order
On the order review page, or on the upper right side of any web page, there is a link to check out. This link brings you to a secured page to check out your order. On this page your order will be reviewed briefly for any issues that may cause processing problems. If there are no problems, you will be able to select your payment method and, if necessary, enter your credit card info. Once completed, you can click the Checkout button to release the order to the Imperial distribution network for shipping.

6) Following or tracking your order
Once released, you can monitor any order splits or out-of-stocks using the order review page. When the order is shipped, you will receive applicable tracking numbers that will allow you to track your order as it travels through the freight carrier network. You can also use the tracking page to track your order without logging into our site, by supplying the order number and ship-to destination zip code.

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