Ball Valves

Ball valves are a type of quarter-turn valve used to regulate and control the flow of liquids and gases in various applications, from plumbing to industrial processes. These valves consist of a hollow ball with a hole in the center that rotates around its axis to open or close the flow path. Ball valves come in different sizes, materials, and designs, each with specific features that cater to different applications and pressure requirements. Many ball valves feature added benefits such as a full bore design, providing unobstructed flow and minimizing pressure drop. They also have low torque operation, ensuring easy and smooth on-off control, and are capable of operating at high temperatures and pressures, making them ideal for use in industrial applications.
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Control Your Pipes with Ball Valves

Inefficient fluid flow control can lead to problems in plumbing systems, such as leaks or waste. 

Ball valves provide a simple and efficient way to manage water flow in your piping system. With just a few turns of the valve handle, you can quickly adjust or shut off the flow completely.

Ball valves are tightly sealed to prevent leakage, so you can be sure that no valuable liquid is wasted during operation. We carry valves that are highly reliable, durable and easy use, making them perfect for any plumbing system.

What is a Ball Valve?

A ball valve is a flow control device for pipes that uses a hollow, perforated, and pivoting ball to control the flow of liquid through the pipe. When the ball's hole is in line with the flow inlet, the valve is open, allowing the liquid to flow freely. When the ball is pivoted 90-degrees by the valve handle, the valve is closed, blocking the flow.

What are Ball Valves used for?

Ball valves are a type of mechanical valve used in many industrial and commercial applications. Their primary purpose is to shut off or control the flow of liquid or gas through a pipe. They are typically made from brass, stainless steel, or plastic and feature a spherical body with an opening for allowing fluid to pass through it. Ball valves come in different sizes and styles, enabling them to be easily customized according to application needs. They can also be used as check valves, which allow liquid flow in one direction only.

What are the Different Types of Ball Valves?

Ball valves come in a variety of types, each designed to meet different needs. The most common types are full port ball valves, which allow for unrestricted flow. Reduced port ball valves reduce the flow rate to conserve energy. Mini ball valves are small but provide good performance. Other types include triple offset ball valves, high-pressure ball valves, and cryogenic ball valves. Each type of valve can be further customized depending on the application required.