Lot Tracking

Sample Invoice

The Fastener Quality Act is designed to monitor the quality and traceability of all graded fasteners including metrics and socket products. With the onslaught of substandard and counterfeit fasteners, such measures are necessary.

The Fastener Quality Act has three primary requirements that affect both fastener manufacturers and distributors:

  1. Product Certification: All products must be certified by an accredited laboratory to meet all chemical, dimensional, mechanical, and physical requirements set by SAE and IFI. These certifications must also include lot numbers and must be made available upon customer request
  2. Lot Traceability: 100% lot traceability must be maintained through every stage of the manufacturing process - from raw material through the heat-treating and plating processes. The lot numbers must be clearly marked on each box.
  3. Head Markings: Every manufacturer and private label distributor is required to register their unique headmarking logo.

Tracking Label

At Imperial, we ID and/or Lot Track all graded fasteners.

We maintain complete Lot Traceability for a minimum of ten years. Now, if you question a certain lot, simply check your invoices for the number, and give us a call at 1-800-558-2808.

Imperial Supplies LLC is committed to supplying only the highest quality products, and has taken steps to make Imperial a leader in quality products by including lot numbers on both the package label and the invoice, upgrading and modernizing our Quality Assurance department, and purchasing from only quality conscious suppliers.