File Import

Turn Spreadsheets Into Orders

Quickly upload spreadsheet files into a new or existing order with File Import.

File Import Step 1

1. Import

Find the File Import option at the top menu on Imperial’s homepage. Upload a file by clicking or dragging and dropping the file. The spreadsheet needs both a consistent part number column and a consistent quantity column.

File Import Step 2

2. Select

Choose each or package as your Unit of Measure. Then use the drop down to select which detected columns are the item numbers and which is quantity. This page will alert you of any discontinued, blocked, or converted items.

File Import Step 3

3. Add To Order

Select the “Add to Order” button to add imported items to a new or existing order.

File Import Step 4

4. Review

After adding the items, you will be able to review the entire order before proceeding to checkout.

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