Victor Cutting Tip, 1 Series, 1 Tip Size, Oxygen and Propylene Gas Service, GPP Tip Type

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Cutting Tip,2 Piece,Size 1,
Cutting Tip,2 Piece,Size 1,
Victor Cutting Tip, 1 Series, 1 Tip Size, Oxygen and Propylene Gas Service, GPP Tip Type Video

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Technical Specifications

Key Specifications
Acetylene Flow
10 to 12 scfh
Oxygen Pressure
30 to 35 psig
Acetylene Pressure
4 to 6 psig
Package Quantity
Product Size
Cuts To
3/4 in.
1 Series
Flame Type
Medium Preheat
Shipping Weight
.18 lb.
Gas Service
Oxygen and Propylene
Steel Thickness
3/4 in.
Cutting Tip
Tip Size
Mfr. Part Number
Tip Type
Oxygen Flow
70 to 80 scfh
Compatible Cutting Attachment
CA 2460, CA 2460+, CA 2461, CA 2461+, CA 2462, CA 2462+, CA 411-1
Fuel Type (per Tip Series)
Compatible Cutting Torch Series
HC 1200C, MT 1065, MT 5, ST 1000FC, ST 2600FC, ST 300FC, ST 400C, ST 900FC
Kerf Width
0.08 in
Compatible Fuel Type
Maximum Cutting Speed
20 in/min
Compatible Manufacturer
Maximum Cutting Thickness
3/4 in
Compatible Torch Manufacturer Part Number
HC 1200C, HC 1201C, HC 1202C, HC 1230C, HC 1231C, HC 1232C, HC 1250C, HC 1250LC, HC 1251C, HC 1252C, HC 1262C, HC 1270C, HC 1271C, HC 1272C, HC 1280C, HC 1290C, MT 1065N, MT 5, SST 1000FC, SST 1001FC, SST 2600FC, SST 2601FC, SST 900FC, SST 901FC, ST 1001FC, ST 100FC, ST 1030FC, ST 1031FC, ST 1032FC, ST 1050FC, ST 1051FC, ST 1052FC, ST 2600FC, ST 2601FC, ST 2601FCL, ST 2602FC, ST 2610FC, ST 2611FC, ST 2612FC, ST 2630FC, ST 2631FC, ST 2632FC, ST 2650FC, ST 2651FC, ST 2651FCL, ST 2652FC, ST 2652FCL, ST 2670FC, ST 2671FC, ST 2672FC, ST 300FC, ST 400C, ST 900FC, ST 901FC, ST 912FC, ST 930FC, ST 931FC, ST 932FC, ST 950FC, ST 951FC, ST 952FC, ST 972FC, ST 991FC
Minimum Cutting Speed
15 in/min
Cuts To (In.)
Oxygen Flow Rate
23 to 108 scfh (Preheat), 70 to 80 scfh (Cutting Oxygen)
Cutting Range
3/4 in
Pressure Rating (Fuel)
4 to 6 psig (Propylene)
For Torch Type
Handheld, Machine
Pressure Rating (Oxygen)
30 to 35 psig (Cutting)
Fuel Flow Rate
10 to 12 scfh (Propylene)
Tip Design
Two Piece

Product Description

Cutting Tip, Series 1 Series, Tip Size 1, Gas Service Oxygen and Propylene, Tip Type GPP, Flame Type Cutting Neutral, Fuel Pressure 4 to 6 psig, Steel Thickness 3/4 in, Acetylene Pressure 4 to 6 psig, Oxygen Flow 70 to 80 scfh, Oxygen Pressure 30 to 35 psig, For Use With Any Victor Style Torch Or Cutting Attachment That Accepts Victor 1 Series Cutting Tips

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Compliance & Restrictions

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WARNING: Reproductive Harm -
Item Barcode
Cutting Tip,2 Piece,Size 1,
Grainger DropshipGrainger Dropship25DV47
VMRS (ATA) CODESVMRS (ATA) CODES053-006-009Cutting Tip, 2 Piece,Size

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