Help: Lists

What is List?
Imperial's Lists allow you to easily create your own ordering forms in your web account. These forms can then be used to help speed your ordering from the Imperial website.

How many Lists are there?
By default, up to six Lists are always available to any web customer from the web interface. These include the following forms:

  • Top 50,100,150, & 200 Items: These four forms contain the top 'x' items purchased by your location, by dollars purchased.
  • New Products: This form contains all of the new products added to the Imperial's product line in the last 90 days.
  • Labeled in Shop: This form contains all of the items that were labeled in your shop during an Imperial Field Service visit. This form will only be available if you have received field service from Imperial.
  • Custom Designed: At your request Imperial can design a custom List for all of your shop locations. Contact your sales representative for this service.

In addition, you can also use the following pages as Lists by clicking the "View as List" button shown on each page:

  • Assortment Item Pages: These pages show the content of a pre-packaged assortment. This can allow you to re-order parts for an assortment you have on hand at your shop.
  • Invoice Detail PagesThese pages show all the items you ordered from us at a specific point. You can use any specific invoice as a List.

Can I create my own List?
If these forms do not cover your needs, you can design your own! When browsing items in the Imperial catalog, you will see a link at the top of the item page, beneath the description and other item information, labeled "Add to My Favorites". This link will automatically add the item you are viewing to your "Favorites" List. You can remove the item using the same link, or you can edit your form from the Lists. Once you have created a form, you will see that form on your My Lists page.

Where do my Lists get saved?
Any form added to My Lists will be shown beneath the Advanced Search link in the left-hand side catalog sidebar on every Imperial web page. These links will take you immediately to the form you select. This allows you instant access to your Lists from any page on the website.

How do I remove a List?
On the List page, there is a link on the top for adding or removing a form from "My Lists".

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