Chemical Program

Imperial will stock all chemicals required at our Regional Distribution Centers. Orders received before 1:00 PM CST will be shipped same-day with a targeted fill-rate of 100%. We will submit monthly reports to you detailing the order fill rates.

Imperial will carry shop chemicals in the desired dispensing form whenever possible. This includes:

  • Aerosols
  • Trigger (pump) Spray
  • Shop Air-Pressurized Container (Bulk)
  • 55 Gallon Drums
  • Sealants/Adhesives
    - Cartridges
    - Tubes
    - Applicator Bottles

Imperial will offer matched, color-coded labeling for atomized sprayers, where applicable, to help identify quickly which bulk chemical is being used.

Imperial provides an automated SDS program which provides proper documentation to each individual location on new chemical formulations that occur on chemicals, and when the chemical is shipped to your location for the first time.

Imperial will also provide, upon request, a complete standardized SDS reference book to your corporate offices, safety director, and the regional maintenance offices.

Imperial maintains (2) 24-hour hotlines specifically for chemical SDS information. Shops can call these lines in emergency situations and automatically have the SDS and vital treatment information sent immediately via Infofax at 1-800-236-7795 (press 1).

24 hour person-to-person SDS information can be obtained by calling Imperial/Chem-tel at 1-800-255-3924. The vital information is only a phone call away.

Imperial will provide detailed reporting by location on all chemicals ordered. These reports at your request (quarterly or bi-annually) will include the following information:

  • Order dates for specific products
  • SDS changes/updates that were sent-by location
  • Product order history report
  • Most current SDS revision
  • Up-to-date chemical usages by division, district, and location

Imperial, upon request, will issue an insurance certificate naming you and specifying coverage under our insurance liability policy