Clean facilities have never been as important as they are right now. Choose from the most trusted names in chemicals, cleaning solutions, soaps, restroom supplies, mops, buckets, floor polishers, paper goods, trash-handling equipment and more.
Liquid Hand Soap,Orange
Hand Soap
Heavy-duty hand cleaner provides powerful cleaning of stubborn soils such as grease, oil, ink and carbon black.
Paper Towel Roll,Brown,800 Ft,
Paper Towel
Perforated, hard wound, C-fold, single fold, Imperial Supplies carries them all. With a large assortment of styles and brands to choose from, we have you covered with rolls ranging from 60 ft to 1150 ft.
Toilet Bowl Cleaner,24 Oz.,
Bathroom Cleaning Supplies
Multi-purpose cleaner, degreaser, disinfectant and deodorizer.
Toilet Paper,Compact,Coreless,
Toilet Paper
With a large assortment of styles and brands tochoose from, Imperial has you covered with rolls up to 2,000 feet in length in 1-ply and 2-ply assortments.
Angle Broom, 56
Imperial carries a large selection of push brooms, angle brooms, corn brooms and lobby brooms. We offer broom heads, broom and dust pan sets and broom head and handle sets. No matter what floor needs to be swept, our brooms are sure to do the job.
Iron Style Scrub Brush
Find the right brush for your task. Available in short handle, long handle, block and iron style. Also available: replacement brush heads.
4-Ply Cotton Wet Mop Med Loop
Highly absorbent, looped-end mop design increases floor coverage and reduces streaks. Durable mop handles are also available from Imperial. Also available: floor squeegees.
Shop Towel Blue, 200 Sheet/Box
Shop Towels
Imperial offers a large selection of shop towels perfect for mechanics and fleet drivers. Keep these on hand at the shop or in the vehicle for quick tool wiping or spill cleanup. Our assortment includes rolls, center-pull rolls and box rolls. Regardless of your needs, we have your shop rag.

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