Rolling & Combination Tool Cabinets and Carts

Rolling tool cabinets are a type of tool chest designed to organize and store tools. They consist of one or more drawers mounted on wheels, allowing them to be easily moved around a workspace. Rolling tool cabinets are commonly used in commercial and industrial settings, as well as by DIY enthusiasts and mechanics who want to keep their tools organized and accessible. Our rolling cabinets and chests come in various sizes and combinations with different numbers of drawers and weight capacities, to fit specific storage needs. With their portability and convenience, rolling tool cabinets provide an efficient storage solution for all types of tool collections.
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$1,115.67 pkg | $1,115.67 ea
$546.45 pkg | $546.45 ea
$771.13 pkg | $771.13 ea
$654.28 pkg | $654.28 ea
$1,132.31 pkg | $1,132.31 ea
$1,108.12 pkg | $1,108.12 ea
$1,067.16 pkg | $1,067.16 ea
1 - 50 of 150 results
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