Foam Tape

Looking for an easy barrier against dust? Something that also handles vibration, noise, moisture and more? If so, Foam Tape could be your answer. Strips of urethane foam on a roll, backed with a strong acrylic adhesive on one side. Simply pull off the roll, peel and mount for lasting protection. Choose from a wide array of widths, thicknesses, lengths, colors and specific applications.
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Frost King Foam Tape, Hot Melt Resin Tape Adhesive, 1" X 10 ft., Strip, Black
$7.59 pkg | $7.59 ea
Parker Virginia Seal Tape, Rubber Tape Adhesive, 2" X 30 ft., Continuous Roll, Black
$19.62 pkg | $19.62 ea
Tapecase Foam Tape, Acrylic Tape Adhesive, 1" X 10 yd., Continuous Roll, Orange
$149.96 pkg | $149.96 ea
Flex Paste 3 lb. Tub Black
#936622-7 | Pkg Qty:4
$200.84 pkg | $50.21 ea
1 - 40 of 40 results
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