Brake Lines & Fittings

Getting your vehicle to move is one thing; stopping it is another. Make sure the hydraulic braking system of your vehicle is up to par with Imperial’s complete line of replacement brake lines and fittings. Choose from high-performance nickel copper or steel lines in easy-flex 25-foot coils or straight lengths, diameters of ¼”, ⅜”, 3/16”, and 5/16”. Fittings, unions and tees are available in a range of thread sizes, both male and female.

Keep your fleet vehicles safe with reliable brake lines and fittings from Imperial Supplies. We carry a wide selection of high-quality fittings that have been designed to stand up to tough environments, so you don’t have to worry about any unexpected issues when it comes time to hit the brakes.

Brake line fittings are an important part of any truck, as they play a critical role in regulating the pressure necessary to achieve effective braking. It goes without saying that ensuring these lines are fitted correctly and replaced when necessary is essential to driving safety.

Make sure you stock up on quality brake lines and fittings from our store the next time you’re looking for parts! Our experts can help you select the parts that meet the specific requirements of your vehicle, so shop today and stay safe on the road!

What are the Different Brake Line Fittings?
  1. Brake Line Nuts: These are commonly used to connect brake lines and tubing, as well as for attaching flexible hoses.
  2. Banjo Fittings: Used to connect two ends of a brake line or tube in a single plane.
  3. Compression Fittings: Much like banjo fittings, compression fittings make it easy to join two pieces of the same size pipe together in the same plane.
  4. Flare Fittings: Commonly found on automotive brakes, these fittings are designed with an angled face that allows them to create a seal when pressure is applied.
  5. Quick Connectors/Tube Clamps: These allow you quick connection and disconnection of brake lines without having to rethread every time they’re taken apart.
What Size are Standard Brake Line Fittings

Standard brake line fittings vary by size, as they need to be carefully chosen based on the specific needs of the vehicle. The right sizes are dependent on the type of brake lines, but most brake lines are 3/16 or 1/4 inch in diameter.