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Step Ladders

A fiberglass stepladder is a great choice if you are looking for a safe and long-lasting option. They are resistant to weather and electricity, and they won't lose strength when they get hot. This makes them a great choice for both indoor and outdoor use.

If you need a step ladder that is both lightweight and durable, then an aluminum ladder is a good choice. Aluminum ladders are also a good choice if you need a ladder that can be easily transported. They are typically less expensive than fiberglass ladders, but they are not as strong. If you need a ladder for heavy-duty use, then a fiberglass ladder is a better choice.

Imperial Supplies carries stepladders that are ANSI rated for Commercial, Industrial and Professional use in the following grades:

  • Type II Medium Duty Rating: Up to 225 pounds
  • Type I Heavy Duty Rating: Up to 250 pounds
  • Type IA Extra Heavy Duty Rating: Up to 300 pounds
  • Type IAA Extra Heavy Duty Rating: Up to 375 pounds

We carry different types of stepladders, each having unique uses and applications.

Twin Step Ladders - A twin stepladder is a type of ladder that has two sets of steps, one on either side of the ladder. This allows two people to stand on the ladder at the same time. It also makes it one of the stronger stepladders.

Platform Step Ladders - A platform stepladder is a ladder with a platform, or flat surface, on one or more of its steps. This type of ladder is often used by construction workers and other professionals who need to have a stable surface to stand on while working.

Podium Step Ladders - A podium stepladder is a type of ladder that is designed to be used by people who need to stand on a platform in order to reach a higher surface. This type of ladder is typically taller than a traditional stepladder, and it has a wider base to provide stability.

Tripod Step Ladders - The tripod design is ideal for uneven terrains as it provides a wider splayed base and ensures all of the feet remain in firm contact with the ground. This makes the ladder stable and safe to use, even on slopes, ditches and steps.

For questions or more information about Step Ladders, give us a call at 1-800-558-2808.

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