Pipe Insulation Tape

Pressure-sensitive, adhesive-backed foam tape makes it easy to insulate both hot and cold piping systems. Reduce heat gain and control condensation build-up on cold- and chilled-water pipes and connections, and reduce heat loss on hot-water lines of up to 220 degrees. Ideal for when you need to insulate short spans of pipe in tight areas. Available in several materials, widths and roll lengths.
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K-Flex Usa 30 ft. x 2" Cork/Rubber Pipe Insulation Tape, -20° to 190°F, Black
$10.72 pkg | $10.72 ea
Owens Corning 150 ft. x 3" Fiberglass Pipe Insulation Tape, 0 to 150°F
$52.53 pkg | $52.53 ea
K-Flex Usa 100 ft. x 2" PVC Pipe Insulation Tape, -20° to 150°F, White
$114.43 pkg | $114.43 ea
1 - 3 of 3 results
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