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National Distributor of Quality Maintenance Supplies Since 1958



Auto-Reorder is a convenient way to help you ensure the Imperial products you use most often are on hand when you need them. You first decide the first shipment date and subsequent orders will ship at the frequency you choose. more»
Cabinet Program
Our program allows you to own your cabinets, drawers and bins. Simply purchase the cabinetry at current prices and you will receive a discount on all subsequent invoices. more»
Custom Kits
Imperial wants to help you develop custom product kits that add value by delivering time and labor savings. more»
Field Service
A Field Service Technician will visit your location to clean, organize, and label your cabinets, drawers, and bins with Imperial labels. Each label lists the part number, full description, and box quantity for easy ordering. more»
File Import
Quickly upload spreadsheet files into an order. more»
Inventory Balance Program
Balance your inventory to your current requirements. Imperial has the solution for your overstocked or obsolete parts. Ship us your excess inventory and we'll credit your future orders. more»
Inventory Reduction Program
Our Inventory Balance Program allows you to reduce and streamline your miscellaneous parts and supplies inventories. Overstocked and obsolete product can be returned to us for credit that you can apply towards future purchases. more»
Lot Tracking
Imperial Supplies LLC is in complete compliance with the Fastener Quality Act. Not only do we place lot tracking numbers on our packing labels, we go one step further and add lot tracking numbers on our invoices for quick, easy access. more»
Mobile App
Access and purchase over 25,000 fleet maintenance products on mobile devices. See detailed product information and complete purchases conveniently while on the go. more»
Order Approval
Your time is valuable. Taking care of business on the go is essential. Speed up the time it takes to submit and approve your orders. Use order approval on or download the Imperial App to approve orders antime, from anywhere! more»
Purchasing Platform
EDI provides your company with the ability to exchange business documents with Imperial electronically. more»
Purchasing Reports
These reports provide you with information to determine what items and quantities to stock. more»
ScanTel® Purchasing
Imperial's ScanTel® is a fully automated purchasing system. This technology allows you to scan barcode labels and place your entire order via telephone, directly to our computer, 24 hours per day, seven days a week. more»
Summary Billing Program
Eliminates the need to match invoices, purchase orders, and receiving records for each shipped order. more»
Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards
VMRS codes on packaging labels have been available since 1999. This industry standard has been led by the TMC (Technology and Maintenance Council), which Imperial is an active member. more»