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ScanTel® Scanner Software

Filename Size File Description Download
webpush.exe 5.6 MB Imperial Webpush This application sends your orders from your ScanTel® scanner directly to Imperial via the Internet. Please contact us for detailed information on using this software package. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. To install silent use /S.

Please note that additional hardware will be required to use this package.

Opticon USB Drivers Installer.exe 2 MB Opticon USB Driver for the Opticon scanner. Standalone driver installer for the ScanTel® Opticon scanner. To install silent use /SILENT=YES. Download
IM_USB_Driver_Setup.exe 1.6 MB IM-580/630 USB Driver for the IM-580 and IM-630 scanners. This driver package is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8. Windows 10 does not require separate driver installation. Download

PDF ScanTel® Scanner Instructions

Scanner Document Description PDF Size
ScanTel Opticon Scanner
ScanTel® Opticon Instructions
Compact barcode scanner.
Download 192 KB
ScanTel 510/610 Scanner
ScanTel® 510/610 Scanner Instructions
Four line display wand scanner.
Download 150 KB
ScanTel 405 Scanner
ScanTel® IM405 Scanner Instructions
Two line display wand scanner.
Download 297 KB
ScanTel 630
ScanTel® IM630 Scanner Instructions
Wandless scanner with charging cradle.
Download 77.1 KB
ScanTel IM580 Scanner
ScanTel® IM580 Scanner Instructions
Wandless scanner with charging cradle.
Download 176 KB
ScanTel Hummingbird CS1504
Hummingbird™ CS 1504 Instructions
Pocket-sized purple scanner.
Download 232 KB

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