Purchasing Reports

Imperial Supplies LLC has always been a leader in purchasing and reporting technology. We introduced scanners and barcode technology to the aftermarket parts industry over 18 years ago. We recognized this as the most cost efficient way for companies to order their maintenance repair parts because it eliminated the need for a commissioned route salesperson. By eliminating the route influence, companies have found that their average monthly expenditures for these types of product are greatly reduced. No longer did a parts manager have to wait for his salesman to visit before he placed a much needed order for parts.


Our Purchasing Reports are available to provide you with information to determine what items and quantities to stock. We keep purchasing history of each invoice during the year. This allows us to structure our reports in various formats.

  • Field Service and Scanner Report
  • Product Group Fill Rate Report
  • Purchase History Report
  • Product Category Purchase Report
  • Company Comparison Report
  • Purchasing History by Product Group

Fully Descriptive Purchasing Reports: Our Purchasing Reports are available to provide parts managers with information to determine what items and quantities to stock. Two major benefits from these reports are consolidation of vendors and expenditure limits.

While consolidation of vendors is a stated goal in most companies, it is the least practiced with the expendable items we supply. This is primarily due to the fact that individual locations spend relatively low amounts and are thus permitted to buy locally. Realistically, however; these dollar amounts add up and are quite significant. Associated costs, such as order receiving costs, order reconciliation and control, and invoice processing can add up to 10 to 30%.

Most companies have monthly maintenance budget targets for individual locations. The difficulty in meeting these targets is compounded by the fact that the information needed to limit expenditures is received from vendors. Imperial tracks the dollar limits for each location. When we receive an order from a shop, we will notify them if they approach or exceed set limits.

Product Limiting and Controls: We can automatically code specific types of products your locations are permitted to purchase. If, for instance, you specify Grade 8 cap screws only and a shop ordered Grade 5 in error, we would automatically convert the item to a Grade 8 bolt. We can also limit the dollar amount each location can spend.

Cross-Referencing: Our database allows customers to order product in a variety of ways. You can order parts by Imperial part number, competitor's part number, industry trade number, product description, or with your own internal part numbering system.