Imperial® Custom Kits

Inventory Management

Imperial Experts want to help you develop custom product kits that add value by delivering time and labor savings. The selection of products and quantity of each item will vary based on the project, and are packaged as one part number. Choose Imperial to help you solve the problem, no matter how simple or complex.

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CSA Kits

What are the benefits of custom kits?

Take advantage of the benefits provided by custom kits. Benefits include:

  • Reduce time and labor cost on picking the correct inventory
  • Reduce excess inventory and scrap
  • Custom piece counts, deviating from a standard package size
  • Custom cut lengths available
  • Ideal for projects involving non-stock items
  • Easy to put away in shop
  • Easy to reorder one kit versus multiple products
  • Ensure all items are in stock for your project
  • Able to bill/cost one part number instead of multiple part numbers on work orders


Solution Based Kits

Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA) Kits

CSA Kits offer an organized way to maintain fleet and driver safety and reduce violations. Each business has different needs unique to their fleets, and we customize the kits accordingly. Most CSA kits contain lamps, bulbs, fuses and reflective tape. Packaging options range from a zip lock bag to a soft or hard sided tool box.


Solution Based Kits

Solution kits offer savings for both labor and organization on projects. All pieces are packaged together in specific quantities needed for the project, reducing shop time spent gathering materials. Solution kits can be designed for short-term and long-term projects.

Examples of solution kit usage include:

  • Retrofit and refurbishing projects
  • Recall campaigns
  • Planned maintenance
  • Vehicle modification/customizing projects
  • Installation/conversion projects
  • And More!

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