Work from Home

Businesses and employers can prevent and slow the spread of COVID-19 by supporting telework, when possible. This will reduce or eliminate the need for employees to frequent public transportation and minimize contact with other employees and the general public. When moving from an office setting to home, the business must ensure that the proper technology is in place, and trust and expectations for all employees have been clearly communicated.


Stay Connected Through Technology

Ensure each employee has access to the technology they need to do their job just as they would in the office. This includes everything from the software required for attending meetings via teleconference to the devices needed to answer calls and emails. Make sure employees have access to necessary keyboards, phones, monitor risers and other technology needed to fulfill their work duties when working from home.

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Furnishing a Home Office

For some, working from home means their office has become an ergonomically unfriendly kitchen table or guest bedroom. Awkward work areas like these may lead to injuries over time, so creating and dedicating a workspace free of distractions and with the correct furniture and supplies can improve work efficiency and may reduce the chance of injury while working from home. A work desk and office chair, filing cabinets and organizers, and basic office supplies are all needed to create a conducive work environment.

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