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Pak-It HD All Purpose Clnr

Item Number 4759
Scanner Description Pak-It HD All Purpose Clnr
Weight 0.1 lb
Pkg Qty: 20

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Technical Specifications

Appearance Clear Liquid   Contains Concentrate
Brand APPROVED SUPPLIER   Flammable No
Cleaner Degreaser Type All Purpose   Form Concentrate
Color Purple   Item Heavy Duty All-Purpose Cleaner
Color Family Purple   Pack Quantity 20
Container Type Packet   Packaging Type Jug

Product Description

PAK-IT® Heavy-Duty All Purpose Cleaner

For use with 4760-0

A powerful, ready to use, non-aerosol product for multipurpose supercleaning. Just spray on, rub lightly, then wipe off. Removes grease, grime, ink, smoke film, crayon and stains from all hard surfaces. Pleasant fragrance. Phosphate-free. Safe for use on most hard surfaces.

Key Attributes

  • Pre-measured portion PAK-IT®s each create 32 ounces of commercial strength Heavy Duty All Purpose degreaser. No need to cut, tear or open -simply drop one PAK-IT® into its matching color-coded quart trigger spray bottle and add water!

  • Powerful heavy Powerful heavy-duty formula cuts through grease and grime on all surfaces; ideal stainless duty formula cuts through grease and grime on all surfaces; ideal stainless steel cleaner for use on stoves, grills, sinks, ovens, fridges, freezers and commercial equipment.

  • Create a RTU industrial strength degreaser in under two minutes at a fraction of the cost of traditional degreasers and all purpose cleaners.

For Quarts: Simply drop one pre-measured purple Heavy Duty All Purpose Cleaner PAK-IT® into its matching purple quart trigger spray bottle (sold separately) and add cold, tepid or warm water. Wait two minutes and shake. Adjust nozzle to mist setting and simply spray and wipe off with a clean microfiber cloth or ideally a paper towel. Non-aerosol, phosphate-free, ammoniafree formula still packs a serious punch making it both safe and effective on all surfaces.

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