Additional charges

What are the additional charges for?
There are several "additional charges" that can show up on an invoice. These are costs for processing an order outside of the standard price of product. The major charges are shown below.

  • Hazardous/Handling Charge
    These charges come from shipping products that are either oversize, overweight, classified as hazardous chemicals, or in some way require a special handling charge to ship.
  • Inventory Balance Allowance
    This is a running credit issued from Imperial for product returned on the Inventory Balance program.
  • Oversize/Ltl (Less than Truckload) Surcharge
    This charge is for large items needing special delivery.
  • Promotional Discount
    This is a discount credit for special promotions or sales.
  • Sales Tax Charged
    Sales tax for the order. Normally sales tax is charged on product purchases only, but in some states freight is also taxable.
  • Shipping Allowance
    This credit is issued for those customers who exceed a certain purchase level that qualifies for free freight. Not all orders and customers qualify for this credit.
  • Shipping Charge
    This charge is the standard amount charged to ship the order.
  • Special Handling Surcharge
    This is a charge for special handling of items due to fragility, size, or weight.
  • Steel Equipment Allowance
    This is a running credit issued from Imperial for steel equipment purchased from Imperial on the steel equipment program.
  • Supply Surcharge
    Supply Surcharges are being applied to invoices as a result of incremental fees incurred due to global supply chain disruption.