Shallow Well Jet Pumps

Imperial SuppliesĀ® offers shallow well jets pumps to be used in situations where a single pipe is running to the water source. Ideal for shallow depths of up to 25 feet, these pumps can be used in a wide array of industrial and drinking water applications at your facilities.

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3/4 HP,  Shallow Well Jet Pump,  115/230VAC,  Ejector Included Yes
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3/4 HP Cast Iron Jet Pump System, 13/6.5 Amps
#927570-5 | Pkg Qty:1
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1 HP Cast Iron Shallow Well Pump, 18.0/9.0 Amps
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1/2 HP Cast Iron Shallow Well Pump, 13.0/6.5 Amps
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1 - 6  of 6 results