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Sheet 0075450

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            Product Dynatex� 49462 Green Boltlocker- Medium Strength

Section 1. Chemical Product and Company Identification:                       
Trade Name of this Product Dynatex� 49462 Green Boltlocker- Medium Strength.  
MSDS ID:                               DYN49462                              
Manufacturer:                          Dynatex Inc.                          
                                       350 Ring Road                         
                                       Elizabethtown, KY 42701               
Phone Number:                          (270) 769-3385                        
Emergency Phone Number:                CHEMTREC (800) 424-9300               
Revision Date:                         04/25/2007                            
Health: 1           Fire: 1             Reactivity: 1       Specific:          
Section 2. Composition and Information on Ingredients:                        
Ingredient   CAS Number   Weight %     ACGIH TLV    PEL          STEL        
Saccharin    81-07-2      1%-3%                                              
Cumene       80-15-9      1%-3%        1 ppm   Skin None.                    
Section 3. Hazard Identification:                                             
Primary Routes of Entry:               Eye contact, Skin contact.            
Section 4. First Aid Information:                                             
Ingestion:                             Do not induce vomiting. Keep calm.    
                                       Obtain medical attention.             
Eye Contact:                           Flush with warm water for several     
                                       minutes. Obtain medical attention.    
Section 5. Fire Fighting Measures:                                            
Flash Point:                           > 200 F                               
FP Method:                             TCC                                   
Extinguishing Media:                   Carbon Dioxide, Dry Chemical, Foam.   
Special Fire Fighting Procedures:      None.                                 
Unusual Fire or Explosion Hazards:     None Known.                           
Section 6. Accidental Release Measures:                                       
Steps to be taken in case of a Spill   Observe all personal protection       
or Release:                            equipment recommendations. Soak up    
                                       with inert absorbent. Store in a      
                                       partly filled, closed container until 
                                       disposal. Prevent product from        
                                       entering drains. Local, state and     
                                       federal regulations may apply to      
                                       release and disposal of this material,
                                       as well as those materials and items  
                                       employed in cleanup of releases.      
Section 7. Handling and Storage:                                              
Section 8. Exposure Controls and Personal Protection:                         
Eye Protection:                        Safety goggles or glasses with side   
                                       shields are recommended.              
Skin Protection:                       Rubber, polyethylene, or neoprene     
Section 9. Physical and Chemical Properties:                                  
Physical State:                        Liquid.                               
Specific Gravity:                      1.1                                   
Color/Appearance:                      Green.                                
Odor:                                  Mild.                                 
Boiling/Cond. Point:                   > 300 F                               
Solubility:                            Negligible in water.                  
VOC % :                                12.6%    135 g/l                      
Vapor Density:                         Approx. 3 (Air=1)                     
Vapor Pressure:                        < 5mm Hg @ 200 F                      
Note:                                  The above information is not intended 
                                       for use in preparing product          
                                       specifications. Contact Accumetric LLC
                                       before writing specifications.        
Section 10. Stability and Reactivity:                                         
Chemical Stability:                    Stable.                               
Conditions to Avoid:                   None Known.                           
Hazardous Polymerization:              Will not occur.                       
Section 11. Toxicological Information:                                        
Component Toxicology Information:      No known applicable information.      
Special Hazard Information on          No known applicable information.      
Section 12. Ecological Information:                                           
Environmental Fate and Distribution:   Complete information not yet          
Environmental Effects:                 Complete information not yet          
Fate and Effects in Waste Water        Complete information not yet          
Treatment Plants:                      available.                            
Section 13. Disposal Considerations:                                          
Waste Disposal Method:                 We make no guarantee or warranty of   
                                       any kind that the use or disposal of  
                                       this product complies with all local, 
                                       state or federal laws. It is also the 
                                       obligation of each user of the product
                                       mentioned herein to determine and     
                                       comply with the requirements of all   
                                       applicable statutes.                  
                                       This product is not known to be       
                                       regulated under RCRA regulations.     
                                       Disposal of unused portions of this   
                                       product and process waste containing  
                                       this product should be done only after
                                       a careful evaluation and in compliance
                                       with all federal, local and state     
Section 14. Transportation Information:                                       
DOT Road Shipment Information:         Not subject to DOT.                   
Ocean Shipment (IMDG):                 Not subject to IMDG Code.             
Air Shipment (IATA):                   Not subject to IATA Regulations.      
Section 15. Regulatory Information:                                           
The contents of this MSDS comply with the OSHA Hazard Standard Communication  
Standard 29 CFR 1910.1200                                                     
TSCA Status:                           All chemical substances in this       
                                       material are included on or exempted  
                                       from listing on the TSCA Inventory of 
                                       Chemical Substances.                  
SARA Title III Section 302 Extremely   None.                                 
Hazardous Substances:                                                        
SARA Title III Section 304 CERCLA      None.                                 
Hazardous Substances:                                                        
SARA Title III Section 312 Hazard      Acute: Yes.                           
                                       Chronic: No.                          
                                       Fire: No.                             
                                       Pressure: No.                         
                                       Reactive: No.                         
SARA Title III Section 313 Toxic       Cumene Hydroperoxide (80-15-9)        
California Proposition 65:             The product contains the following    
                                       chemical(s) listed by the State of    
                                       California under the Safe Drinking    
                                       Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of    
                                       1986 (Proposition 65) as being known  
                                       to cause cancer, birth defects or     
                                       other reproductive harm:              
                                       Saccharin. Proper usage necessitates  
                                       no Proposition 65 warning.            
New Jersey:                            Cumene Hydroperoxide (80-15-9)        
                                       Saccharin (81-07-2)                   
Pennsylvania:                          Cumene Hydroperoxide (80-15-9)        
                                       Saccharin (81-07-2)                   
Section 16. Other Information:                                                
The data contained herein is based upon information that Accumetric LLC       
believes to be reliable. Users of this product have the responsibility to     
determine that suitability of use and to adopt all necessary precautions to   
ensure the safety and protection of property and persons involved in said use.
All statements to suggestions are made without warranty, expressed or implied,
regarding the accuracy of the information, the hazards connected with the use 
of the material or the results to be obtained from the use thereof.           


The information contained in this was obtained from current and reliable sources, however, the data is provided without any warrenty, expressed or implied, regarding its correctness or accuracy. Since the conditions or handling, storage and disposal of this product are beyond the control of Imperial Supplies LLC, Imperial will not be responsible for loss, injury, or expense arising out of the products improper use. No warranty, expressed or inferred, regarding the product described in this '' shall be created or inferred by any statement in this ''. Various government agencies may have specific regulations regarding the transportation, handling, storage, use, or disposal of this product which may not be covered by this ''. The user is responsible for full compliance.