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Sheet 0065550

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RAABE                                    MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET           
CHEMICAL PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION:                                              
PRODUCT CODE                  F103903                                        
PRODUCT NAME                  SALT ERASER                                    
PRODUCT CLASS                 AEROSOL PRODUCT                                
MSDS PREPARATION DATE         11/17/2010                                     
RAABE COMPANY                                                                
PO BOX 1090                                                                  
MENOMONEE FALLS, WI                                                          
EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMBERS:                                                 
24 HOURS A DAY-CALL CHEMTREC: 800-424-9300                                   
INTERNATIONAL CALL TO         703-527-3887                                   
8 AM TO 4:30 PM CENTRAL TIME: 262-255-9500                                   
1 EDATHANIL TETRASODIUM                                                      
CAS# 64-02-8                                                                 
EDATHANIL TETASODIUM                                                         
PCT BY WT: 4.0000                                                            
EXPOSURE LIMIT:                                                              
ACGIH TLV-TWA  N.E.                                                          
ACGIH TLV STEL N.E.                                                          
OSHA PEL-TWA   N.E.                                                          
COMPANY        N.E.                                                          
2 WATER                                                                      
CAS# 7732-18-5                                                               
PCT BY WT: 78.0000                                                           
EXPOSURE LIMIT:                                                              
ACGIH TLV-TWA                 **NOT HAZARDOUS**                              
OTHER LIMITS:                 EINECS 231-791-2                               
3 DIMETHYL ETHER                                                             
CAS# 115-10-6                                                                
DIMETHYL ETHER                                                               
PCT BY WT: 17.0000            LEL 3.40                                       
EXPOSURE LIMIT:                                                              
ACGIH TLV-TWA                 1000PPM                                        
ACGIH TLV-STEL                1000PPM                                        
                     This product contains no reported carcinogens or         
suspected carcinogens.                                                        
                        SECTION 3 - HAZARDS IDENTIFICATION                    
EMERGENCY OVERVIEW:                                                           
Harmful if swallowed.                                                         
Harmful if inhaled.                                                           
Causes eye irritation.                                                        
Causes skin irritation.                                                       
Aerosol Product.                                                              
Contents under pressure.                                                      
May cause severe eye irritation.                                              
May cause skin irritation.                                                    
Liquid contact with skin may cause frostbite.                                 
Exposure to high concentrations of vapors may cause dizziness, breathing      
difficulty, headaches or respiratory irritation.                              
Extremely high concentrations may cause drowsiness, staggering, confusion,    
unconsciousness, coma or death.                                               
Breathing high concentrations of vapors my cause anesthetic effects.          
Intentional misuse by deliberately concentrating and inhaling the contents of 
this product can be harmful or fatal.                                         
No hazard in normal industrial use.                                           
May cause serious health effects if swallowed.                                
CHRONIC EFFECTS:                                                              
Reports have associated repeated and prolonged overexposure to solvents with  
permanent brain and nervous system damage.                                    
                           SECTION 4  - FIRST AID MEASURES                    
EYE CONTACT:                                                                  
Immediately flush eyes with plenty of water. Get medical attention, if        
irritation persists.                                                          
SKIN CONTACT:                                                                 
Wash thoroughly with soap and water and seek medical attention if irritation  
persists. Remove contaminated clothing. Launder contaminated clothing before  
For inhalation overexposure move person to fresh air. If breathing stops,     
apply artificial respiration and seek medical attention.                      
Since this product may contain materials which can cause lung damage if       
aspirated into the lungs, the decision whether to induce vomiting or not must 
be made by a physician after careful consideration of all materials ingested. 
                         SECTION 5 -  FIRE FIGHTING MEASURES                 
FIRE AND EXPLOSIVE PROPERTIES OF THE PRODUCT:                                 
Flashpoint                             42.0-F                                
Explosion Level                        Low (LEL) - 3.4                       
                                       High (UEL) - 18.0                     
EXTINGUISHING MEDIA:                                                          
Use Dry Chemical, Carbon Dioxide or Chemical Foam.                            
FIRE-FIGHTING PROCEDURES AND EQUIPMENT:                                       
Product vapors are heavier than air and may travel a long distance to a source
or ignition and flash back.                                                   
Full protective equipment including self-containing breathing apparatus to    
avoid inhalation of vapors should be used.                                    
Water spray should not be used except to keep down vapors or cool closed      
containers to prevent build-up of pressure. If water is used, fog nozzles are 
Exposure to heat builds up pressure in closed containers. Cool with water     
                      SECTION 6 - ACCIDENTAL RELEASE MEASURES                 
CLEAN-UP AND CONTAINMENT:                                                     
Remove all sources of ignition. Avoid heat, sparks, flames and anything which 
could cause fire.                                                             
Ventilate area of spill and adjacent low lying areas. Avoid breathing solvent 
vapors. Remove with inert absorbent materials and non-sparking tools.         
                      SECTION 7 - HANDLING AND STORAGE                       
Wash hands thoroughly after handling.                                         
Do not puncture or incinerate. Do not crush or place in a garbage compactor.  
Do not store above 120 degrees F. Aerosol containers may explode when exposed 
to extreme heat.                                                              
Store in a cool dry area with ventilation suitable for storing materials shown
in section 2.                                                                 
Keep away from heat, sparks and flame.                                        
Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight or any source of ignition. Do 
not store at temperatures above 120 degrees F.                                
ENGINEERING CONTROLS:                                                         
Sufficient ventilation, in volume and pattern, should be provided to keep air 
contamination below current applicable OSHA permissible exposure limit or     
ACGIH's TLV limit.                                                            
RESPIRATORY PROTECTION:                                                       
If workplace exposure limits are exceeded for any component (see section 2 for
hazardous components and exposure limits), a NIOSH/OSHA approved respirator   
suitable for components listed is recommended.                                
SKIN PROTECTION:                                                              
Chemical resistant plastic or rubber gloves recommended for prolonged or      
repeated contact.                                                             
EYE PROTECTION:                                                               
Chemical goggles with side shields or face shield recommended if contact with 
the eyes is likely.                                                           
OTHER PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT:                                                   
Appropriate impervious clothing is recommended if prolonged or repeated       
contact is likely.                                                            
HYGIENIC PRACTICES:                                                           
Wash hands before eating or smoking. Smoke in designated areas only.          
                   SECTION 9 - PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES              
Vapor Pressure                         -N/A        mm Hg @ 20C               
Vapor Density                          -N/A                                  
Boiling Range                          Lower - 212.0 F                       
                                       Higher - 212.0 F                      
Specific Gravity                       .922                                  
Formula Weight per Volume              7.6716  LB/GL                         
VOC (Calculated,   LB/GAL)             4.650                                 
VOC (Calculated,  GM/L)                557.20                                
Percent Volatile by Weight             95.0200                               
Percent Volatile by Volume             95.4027                               
Evaporation Rate                       .000 (n-Butyl Acetate = )             
                         SECTION 10 - STABILITY AND REACTIVITY                
CONDITIONS TO AVOID:                                                          
Avoid contact with heat, sparks, and open flame.                              
Under proper conditions of temperature and pressure sodium hydroxide can react
violently with acids, nitro compounds, zinc and zirconium.                    
Strong oxidizing agents.                                                      
Thermal decomposition may procedure carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and      
unidentifiable organic materials.                                             
No hazardous polymerization will occur under normal conditions.               
The product is stable under normal storage conditions.                        
                      SECTION 11 - TOXICOLOGICAL INFORMATION                 
No specific information is available. Please refer to Section 2 and 3 for     
available information on exposure limits and hazards identification.          
                      SECTION 12 - ECOLOGICAL INFORMATION                    
No specific ecological information is available for this product.             
                      SECTION 13 - DISPOSAL CONSIDERATIONS                   
WASTE DISPOSAL:                                                               
Place in closed containers. Dispose of product in accordance with local,      
county, state, and federal regulations.                                       
                      SECTION 14 - TRANSPORT INFORMATION                     
Ground shipment of limited or excepted quantities of aerosols or liquid paint 
in containers of 1 quart or less:                                             
CONSUMER COMMODITY, ORM-D                                                     
Ground shipment of liquid paint in container more than 1 quart;               
PAINT, FLAMMABLE LIQUID, UN1263, CLASS 3, GROUP II                            
(Regulatory sources: DOT 49CFR 172.101)                                       
Air shipment of limited or excepted quantities of aerosols or liquid paint in 
containers of 1 quart or less:                                                
(Regulatory sources: IATA Quantity Exemptions - Table 2.8.4, 2.7.A, 2.7.5,    
Packaging Instructions: 910)                                                  
AEROSOLS, FLAMMABLE, UN1950, CLASS 2.1 LABEL                                  
(Regulatory sources: IATA Quantity Exemptions - Table 2.8.1, 2.8.4, Packaging 
Instructions: Y203)                                                           
                      SECTION 15 - REGULATORY INFORMATION                    
SARA 313 INFORMATION:                                                         
This product contains NONE of the substances subject to the reporting         
requirements of Section 313 of Title III of the Superfund Amendments and      
Reauthorizations Act of 1986 and 40CFR Part 372.                              
FEDERAL REGULATIONS:                                                          
TOXIC SUBSTANCES CONTROL ACT: The chemical substances in this project are     
listed on the TSCA Section 8 inventory.                                       
STATE REGULATIONS:                                                            
NEW JERSEY RIGHT-TO-KNOW                                                      
The following non-hazardous ingredients are among the top five components in  
this product                                                                  
CHEMICAL NAME                          CAS NUMBER                            
PENNSYLVANIA RIGHT-TO-KNOW                                                    
No non-hazardous ingredients are present greater than 3%                      
INTERNATIONAL REGULATIONS:                                                    
CANADA: The chemical substances in this product are listed on the Canadian    
Domestic Substances List.                                                     
                      SECTION 16 - OTHER INFORMATION                         
The information contained on this MSDS is believed to be reliable and         
accurate. Due to the changing nature of government information, it is         
impossible to guarantee the accuracy of the information contained herein.     
Since the conditions of handling and use are beyond our control, we make no   
guarantee of results and assume no liability for damages incurred by the use  
of this material. This information should not be regarded as legal advice or  
regulation. It is the responsibility of the user to comply with all Federal,  
State, and Local laws and regulations. For questions relating to specific     
aspects of the requirements and regulations consult the proper regulatory     
 HMIS RATINGS:                                                                
HEALTH: 2*          FLAMMABILITY: 3     REACTIVITY: 0       PERSONAL           
                                                            PROTECTION: X      


The information contained in this was obtained from current and reliable sources, however, the data is provided without any warrenty, expressed or implied, regarding its correctness or accuracy. Since the conditions or handling, storage and disposal of this product are beyond the control of Imperial Supplies LLC, Imperial will not be responsible for loss, injury, or expense arising out of the products improper use. No warranty, expressed or inferred, regarding the product described in this '' shall be created or inferred by any statement in this ''. Various government agencies may have specific regulations regarding the transportation, handling, storage, use, or disposal of this product which may not be covered by this ''. The user is responsible for full compliance.