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Sheet 0065340

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                                 MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET                             
                      Non-Chlorinated Brake Cleaner - Not VOC
HEALTH        2             FLAMMABILITY 3         Printed: 12/10/2007
FLAMMABILITY  3             INSTABILITY  0         Revision: 03/12/2007        
REACTIVITY    0             HEALTH       2         Date Created: 03/12/2007    
PPE           B             SPECIAL   

6534-8 & 6534     12 Packs
6534-9 &          6  Packs                      
1. Product and Company Identification
Product Code:                GSC-0017-07
Product Name:                Non-Chlorinated Brake Cleaner - Not VOC Compliant
Referece #:                  CRC-EXP 88
Manufacturer Information
Company Name:                Excelda Manufacturing
                             12785 Emerson Dr.
                             Brighton, MI 48116
Emergency Contact:           MEDICAL EMERGENCY    (888)314-4052
Atlernate Emergency Contact: DOT EMERGENCY        (800)424-9300
Information:                 INFORMATION          (248)486-3800
2. Composition/Information on Ingredients
Hazardous Components    CAS#     Concentration     OSHA      ACGIH    Other
(Chemical Name)                                    TWA       TWA      Limits
1.Toluene              108-88-3   33.0 -43.0 %     200 ppm    50 ppm   No data.
2.Acetone              67-64-1    17.0 -27.0 %    1000 ppm   500 ppm   No data.
3.Carbon dioxide       124-38-9   <10.0 %         5000 ppm  5000 ppm   No data.
4.Methanol             67-56-1    26.0 -36.0 %     200 ppm   200 ppm   No data.
5.2,2-Dimethoxypropane 77-76-9    < 5.0 %          No data.  No data.  No data.
(Chemical Name)  
1.Toluene            XS5250000   500 ppm/(10min)   300 ppm   No data.  No data.
2.Acetone            AL3150000   No data.          No data.  750 ppm   No data.
3.Carbon dioxide     FF6400000   No data.          No data. 30,000 ppm No data.
4.Methanol           PC1400000   No data.          No data.  250 ppm   No data.
5.2,2-Dimethoxypropane    NA     No data.          No data.  No data.  No data.

3. Hazards Identification
Emergency Overview
        Danger: Extremely Flammable. Vapor Harmful. Harmful or Fatal if        
Swallowed. May be fatal or cause blindness if swallowed. Eye & skin        
irritant. Contents under pressure.
Route(s) of Entry: Inhalation? Yes  Skin? Yes  Eyes? Yes  Ingestion? N.A.
Potential Health Effects (Acute and Chronic)
        Inhalation: Dizziness, breathing difficulties, anesthetic effects,      
        nausea and irritation to respiratory tract.
        Eyes: Irritation
        Skin: Irritation, contact dermatitis, and possible defatting of the     
        Ingestion: Aspiration hazard. May cause irritation to the        
        gastrointestinal tract.

        Chronic overexposure may cause nervous damage.
 Signs and Symptoms Of Exposure
        Inhalation: Dizziness, breathing difficulties, anesthetic effects,      
        nausea and irritation.
        Eyes: Irritation
        Skin: Irritation, redness
        Ingestion: Irritation of the gastrointestinal tract, or other        
 Medical Conditions Generally Aggravated By Exposure
        Breathing Problems
OSHA Hazard Classes:
       HEALTH HAZARDS : Irritant
       PHYSICAL HAZARDS : Compressed Gas, Flammable Gas
       TARGET ORGANS & EFFECTS: Eyes, Skin, Central Nervous System, Respiratory 

4. First Aid Measures
Emergency and First Aid Procedures
       Inhalation: Remove to fresh air. Give artificial respiration if       
       Eyes: Flush with large amounts of water for 15 minutes.
       Skin: Remove contaminated clothing and wash area with soap and water.
       Ingestion: Call a physician. Do not induce vomiting.

5. Fire Fighting Measures
Flash Pt.             < 0.00 F (-17.8 C) Method Used: TCC
Explosive Limits:     LEL: No data.           UEL: No data.
Fire Fighting Instructions
       Remove containers from fire area if possible. Use self-contained       
       breathing apparatus for fire fighting. Use water
       spray to keep containers cool.
Flammable Properties and Hazards
       Contents under pressure. Exposure to heat may cause containers to burst  
       releasing flammable components. Both
       liquid and gas components of this product are flammable. Flashpoint of   
       the liquid component is below ambient temperatures.
Hazardous Combustion Products
       CO2, carbon monoxide
Extinguishing Media
       CO2, foam and fog
Unsuitable Extinguishing Media
       No data available.

6. Accidental Release Measures
Steps To Be Taken In Case Material Is Released Or Spilled
       Usually not a problem with aerosols. Area should be ventilated. Absorbent
       should be used to pick up excess liquid
       material. All used and unused product should be disposed of in accordance
       with federal, state and local regulations.

7. Handling and Storage
Precautions To Be Taken in Handling
        Do not use near sources of heat, sparks or open flame.
Precautions To Be Taken in Storing
       Store in a cool, dry area. Aerosol cans must be maintained below 120�F to
       prevent cans from exploding. Keep out of reach of children.

8. Exposure Controls/Personal Protection
Respiratory Equipment (Specify Type)
       Use NIOSH/MSHA compliant respirators or self-contained breathing       
       apparatus above exposure limits. Follow OSHA regulations 29CFR 1910.134.
Eye Protection
       Safety glasses.
Protective Gloves
       Wear chemically protective gloves.
Other Protective Clothing
       Use a splash apron and boots if splashing occurs.
Engineering Controls (Ventilation etc.)
       Adequate to prevent accumulation of vapors. Use mechanical means if      
       necessary to maintain levels below the
       exposure limits. If working in a confined space, follow applicable OSHA  

9. Physical and Chemical Properties
Physical States:                         [ X ] Gas    [ X ] Liquid  [ ] Solid
Melting Point:                           No data.
Boiling Point:                           No data.
Autoignition Pt.                         No data.
Flash Pt:                                < 0.00 F (-17.8 C) Method: TCC
Explosive Limits:                        LEL: No data.     UEL: No data.
Specific Gravity (Water = 1):            0.8223
Vapor Pressure (vs. Air or mm Hg):       No data.
Vapor Density (vs. Air = 1):             No data.
Evaporation Rate (vs Butyl               No data.
Solubility in Water:                     No data.
Other Solubility Notes
       Partially soluble in water. Soluble in most organic liquids.
Percent Volatile:                        75.0 %
VOC / Volume:                            5.1400 LB/GA
Corrosion Rate:                          No data.
pH:                                      NA
Appearance and Odor
       Liquid component is a clear, water-white liquid with distinct odor.

       Unless otherwise noted, all information in Section 9 pertains to the
       liquid component of the aerosol. VOC and
       percent volatile are based on both liquid and gaseous components.

10. Stability and Reactivity
Stability:                   Unstable [   ]   Stable [ X ]
Conditions To Avoid - Instability
       High temperatures, heat, sparks, open flame.
Incompatibility - Materials To Avoid
       Strong oxidizing agents.
Hazardous Decomposition Or Byproducts
       Oxides of carbon.
Hazardous Polymerization:    Will occur [ ]   Will not occur [ X ]
Conditions To Avoid - Hazardous Polymerization
       None known.

11. Toxicological Information
Toxicological Information
       Long-term toxicological studies have not been conducted for this product.
       See Section 3 of this MSDS for acute symptoms of overexposure.

Carcinogenicity/Other Information
        This material is not an OSHA, IARC, or NTP carcinogen.
Hazardous Components        CAS #       NTP       IARC    ACGIH    OSHA
(Chemical Name)     
1. Toluene                108-88-3      n.a.      n.a.     A4      n.a.
2. Acetone                67-64-1       n.a.      n.a.     A4      n.a.
3. Carbon dioxide         124-38-9      n.a.      n.a.    n.a.     n.a.
4. Methanol               67-56-1       n.a.      n.a.    n.a.     n.a.
5. 2,2-Dimethoxypropane   77-76-9       n.a.      n.a.    n.a.     n.a.
Carcinogenicity:   NTP? No      IARC Monographs? No     OSHA Regulated? No
12. Ecological Information
 Ecological Information
        No data available.

13. Disposal Considerations
 Waste Disposal Method
        This material if discarded may be hazardous waste under U.S. EPA RCRA
        regulations. All disposal activities must comply with federal,state and 
        local regulations. Contact your local or state environmental agency for
        specific rules. Do not dump into sewers, on the ground, or into any body
        of water.

14. Transport Information
 DOT Proper Shipping Name;     Aerosols, flammable
 DOT Hazard Class:             2.1
 DOT Hazard Label:             FLAMMABLE GAS
 UN/NA Number:                 UN1950
 Additional Transport Information
         This product may be reclassified as a Consumer Commodity ORM-D subject
         to the restrictions and requirements of 49 CFR 173.306.

15. Regulatory Information
Hazardous Components    CAS #       Sec.302    Sec. 304    Sec. 313   Sec. 110
(Chemical Name)                      (EHS)        RQ        (TRI)
1.Toluene              108-88-3        No       Yes 1000 LB   Yes        Yes
2.Acetone              67-64-1         No       Yes 5000 LB   No         Yes
3.Carbon dioxide       124-38-9        No       No            No         No
4.Methanol             67-56-1         No       Yes 5000 LB   Yes        No
5.2,2-Dimethoxypropane 77-76-9         No       No            No         No
Hazardous Components    CAS #       EPA CAA    EPA CWA    EPA TSCA   CA PROP 65
(Chemical Name)                                NPDES
1.Toluene              108-88-3      HAP        Yes     Inventory, 8A CAIR   Yes
2.Acetone              67-64-1       No         No      Inventory            No
3.Carbon dioxide       124-38-9      No         No      Inventory            No
4.Methanol             67-56-1       HAP        No      Inventory            No
5.2,2-Dimethoxypropane 77-76-9       No         No      Inventory            No
SARA (Superfund Amendments and
Reauthorization Act of 1986) Lists:
Sec. 302:        EPA SARA Title III Section 302 Extremely Hazardous
                 Chemical with TPQ. * indicates 10000
                 LB TPQ if not volatile.
Sec. 304:        EPA SARA Title III Section 304: CERCLA Reportable +
                 Sec.302 with Reportable Quantity. **
                 indicates statutory RQ.                                       
Sec. 313:        EPA SARA Title III Section 313 Toxic Release
                 Inventory. Note: -Cat indicates a member of a
                 chemical category.
Sec. 110:        EPA SARA 110 Superfund Site Priority Contaminant List
TSCA (Toxic Substances Control
Act) Lists:
Inventory:             Chemical Listed in the TSCA Inventory.
5A(2):                 Chemical Subject to Significant New Rules (SNURS)
6A:                    Commercial Chemical Control Rules
8A:                    Toxic Substances Subject To Information Rules on
8A CAIR:               Comprehensive Assessment Information Rules - (CAIR)
8A PAIR:               Preliminary Assessment Information Rules - (PAIR)
8C:                    Records of Allegations of Significant Adverse
8D:                    Health and Safety Data Reporting Rules
8D TERM:               Health and Safety Data Reporting Rule Terminations
12(b):                 Notice of Export
Other Important Lists:
CWA NPDES:             EPA Clean Water Act NPDES Permit Chemical
CAA HAP:               EPA Clean Air Act Hazardous Air Pollutant
CAA ODC:               EPA Clean Air Act Ozone Depleting Chemical (1=CFC,
CA PROP 65:            California Proposition 65
International Regulatory Lists:
EPA Hazard Categories:
       This material meets the EPA 'Hazard Categories' defined for SARA Title
       III Sections 311/312 as indicated:
                  [X] Yes   [ ] No   Acute (immediate) Health Hazard
                  [ ] Yes   [X] No   Chronic (delayed) Health Hazard
                  [X] Yes   [ ] No   Fire Hazard
                  [X] Yes   [ ] No   Sudden Release of Pressure Hazard
                  [ ] Yes   [X] No   Reactive Hazard
Regulatory Information
       All components are either listed under TSCA or are exempt.

       This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause
cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm: Toluene (<43%), Ethylbenzene
Regulatory Information Statement
       The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate.
However, no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of this data
or the results to be obtained from the use thereof. Vendor assumes no
responsibility for injury to vendee or third person proximately caused by
the material if reasonable safety procedures are not adhered to as stipulated in
the data sheet.
Additionally, vendor assumes no responsibility for injury to vendee or third
persons proximately caused by abnormal use of the material even if reasonable
safety procedures are followed. Furthermore, vendee assumes all risk in use of
the material.

16. Other Information
Company Policy or Disclaimer

Licensed to Excelda Manufacturing, Inc.                                        
ANSI Z400.1 Format


The information contained in this was obtained from current and reliable sources, however, the data is provided without any warrenty, expressed or implied, regarding its correctness or accuracy. Since the conditions or handling, storage and disposal of this product are beyond the control of Imperial Supplies LLC, Imperial will not be responsible for loss, injury, or expense arising out of the products improper use. No warranty, expressed or inferred, regarding the product described in this '' shall be created or inferred by any statement in this ''. Various government agencies may have specific regulations regarding the transportation, handling, storage, use, or disposal of this product which may not be covered by this ''. The user is responsible for full compliance.