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turtle wax , inc                                                              
625 Willowbrook Ctr Pkwy                                                      
Willowbrook, Illinois  60527                                                  
                         Material Safety Data Sheet                           
1.  PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION                                        
PRODUCT NAME             ICE TOTAL INTERIOR CARE                              
PRODUCT CODE             T-485(C)                                             
CHEMICAL FAMILY          Interior Cleaners                                    
CHEMICAL NAME            Mixture: Water, silicone, solvents, additives.       
FORMULA                  Mixture                                              
MANUFACTURER                           EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMBERS           
Turtle Wax, Inc.                       Transportation:                       
625 Willowbrook Centre Parkway         CHEMTREC:  800-424-9300               
Williowbrook, IL  60527                Medical:                              
Phone: 630-455-3700                    Contact your local Poison Control     
Fax: 630-455-3868                                                            
2.  POSITION/INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS                                       
COMPONENT                 CAS NUMBER                CONCENTRATION (wt %)     
Petroleum Distillates     8052-41-3                 0.5-2.0%                 
(Stoddard Solvent)                                                           
Petroleum distillates     64741-44-2                0.5-2.0%                 
(Mineral Seal Oil)                                                           
EXPOSURE LIMITS 8 hrs. TWA (ppm)                                              
                    OSHA PEL            ACGIH TLV           (OSHA, NPT, IARC)  
Petroleum           100 ppm             100 ppm             No                 
(Stoddard Solvent)                                                             
Petroleum           5 mg/M�             5 mg/M�             No                 
(Mineral Seal Oil)  (Mist)              (Mist)                                 
3.  HAZARDS IDENTIFICATION                                                    
POTENTIAL HEALTH EFFECTS                                                      
INHALATION:  Repeated or excessive inhalation of vapor can cause irritation,  
dizziness, and nausea.  No chronic effects known.                             
INGESTION:  Causes digestive system upsets, dizziness, nausea, and may cause  
chemical pneumonia, which may be fatal, if sucked into lungs.  No chronic     
effects known.                                                                
SKIN CONTACT:  Repeated or excessive contact can cause moderate irritation,   
de-fatting or dermatitis.  No chronic effects known.                          
EYE CONTACT:  Causes irritation.  No chronic effects known.                   
4.  FIRST AID MEASURES                                                        
EYE:  Flush with water for 15 minutes.  Get medical attention if effects      
SKIN:  Remove contaminated clothing.  Wash effected areas thoroughly with soap
and water.  Launder clothing before re-use.                                   
INHALATION:  Remove to fresh air.  Use artificial respiration and oxygen if   
INGESTION:  Rinse mouth.  Do not induce vomiting.  Get prompt medical         
attention.  Aspiration into lungs can cause chemical pneumonitis which can be 
5.  FIRE FIGHTING MEASURES                                                    
FLASH POINT: (Seta Flash Cl. Cup): > 200�F (93�C)  Explosive Limits:  Lower:  
n/av  Upper: n/av                                                             
EXTINGUISHING MEDIA:  Water Spray, Alcohol Form, Carbon Dioxide, Dry Chemical 
SPECIAL FIRE FIGHTING PROCEDURES:  Avoid flow of materials to sewers.  See    
Sec. 8 for personal protection.                                               
6.  ACCIDENTAL RELEASE MEASURES:                                              
SPILL OR LEAK PROCEDURES:  Remove all ignition sources.  Provide good         
ventilation.  Take up spills and put into closed containers.  Avoid flow to   
sewers.  Floors may be slippery.  See Section 8 for other protective measures.
7.  HANDLING AND STORAGE                                                      
STORAGE TEMPERATURE (MIN./MAX.):  32�F (0�C) / 120�F (49 C)                   
SHELF LIFE:  7 years minimum when the original container is kept tightly      
closed and properly stored.                                                   
SPECIAL SENSITIVITY:  None.                                                   
HANDLING AND STORAGE PRECAUTIONS:  Store in cool and ventilated places, but   
avoid freezing.  Keep containers closed.                                      
8.  EXPOSURE CONTROLS/PERSONAL PROTECTION                                     
EYE PROTECTION REQUIREMENTS:  Wear goggles.  Have convenient eye wash         
SKIN PROTECTION REQUIREMENTS:  Wear chemical resistant gloves and other       
clothing as needed to prevent exposure.                                       
ventilation to avoid exposure levels above the established TLV.               
INGESTION PROTECTION REQUIREMENTS:  Avoid swallowing or sucking into lungs.   
EXPOSURE LIMITS:   Not established for product as a whole.                    
9.  PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES                                          
PHYSICAL FORM:  Creamy Liquid                                                 
COLOR:  Off White                                                             
ODOR:  Typical pine-floral scent.                                             
BOILING POINT:  n/av                                                          
MELT/FREEZE POINT  n/av                                                       
PH:  6.85-8.85                                                                
SOLUBILITY IN WATER:  Dispersible                                             
% NON-VOLATILE BY WEIGHT:  1.9-2.5%                                           
SPECIFIC GRAVITY: 0.983-1.007 g/cc                                            
VAPOR PRESSURE: n/av                                                          
VAPOR DENSITY:  n/av                                                          
10.  REACTIVITY                                                               
STABILITY:  Stable                                                            
HAZARDOUS POLYMERIZATION:  Does not occur.                                    
INCOMPATIBILITIES:  Strong oxidizers such as peroxides.                       
DECOMPOSITION PRODUCTS:  When burned: CO?, CO, Hydrocarbons.                  
11.  TOXICOLOGICAL INFORMATION                                                
ACUTE INHALATION:  Can cause irritation, dizziness, and nausea.               
CHRONIC INHALATION:  None known.                                              
ACUTE SKIN CONTACT:  Can cause irritation, de-fatting, or dermatitis.         
CHRONIC SKIN CONTACT:  None known.                                            
ACUTE EYE CONTACT:  Causes irritation                                         
12.  ECOLOGICAL INFORMATION                                                   
No data available.                                                            
13.  DISPOSAL CONSIDERATIONS                                                  
RCRA HAZARDOUS WASTE:  Is not a RCRA hazardous waste.                         
WASTE DISPOSAL METHOD:  Dispose of product in accordance with all local, state
and federal laws and regulations.                                             
14.  TRANSPORT INFORMATION                                                    
DOT INFORMATION:  Not regulated as a hazardous material.                      
PROPER SHIPPING NAME:  None                                                   
TECHNICAL SHIPPING NAME:  None                                                
HAZARD CLASS:  None                                                           
UN NUMBER:  None                                                              
PRODUCT RQ (lbs):  None                                                       
LABEL:  Non Bulk  None                                                        
      Bulk        None                                                        
PLACARD:  Non     None                                                        
      Bulk        None                                                        
FREIGHT CLASS BULK:  n/ap                                                     
FREIGHT CLASS PACKAGE:  None                                                  
PRODUCT LABEL:  None                                                          
15.  REGULATORY INFORMATION                                                   
TSCA STATUS:  All ingredients are commercially available and listed by        
manufacturer.  All ingredients are listed under TSCA.                         
CERCLA REPORTABLE QUANTITY:  None                                             
SARA TITLE III:                                                               
SECTION 302 EXTREMELY HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES  None                              
SECTION 313/312 HAZARD CATEGORIES                                             
             Acute Health                     Yes                             
             Chronic Health                   No                              
             Fire                             No                              
             Reactive                         No                              
             Sudden Release of Pressure       No                              
SECTION 313                                                                  
CHEMICAL NAME             CAS NUMBER                CONCENTRATION            
CANADIAN STATUS:  All materials contained in this product are listed on the   
Canadian Domestic Substances List.  Consult Turtle Wax, Inc. regarding status 
of ingredients.                                                               
EUROPEAN UNION:  All materials contained in this product are listed on EINECS.
STATE REGULATORY INFORMATION                                                  
The following chemicals are specifically listed by individual states; other   
product specific health and safety data in other sections of the MSDS may also
be applicable for state requirements.  For details on you regulatory          
requirements you should contact the appropriate agency in your state.         
CAS NUMBER                CONCENTRATION             STATE CODE               
16.  OTHER INFORMATION                                                        
HMIS CLASSIFICATION                    Health 1                              
                                       Flammability 1                        
                                       Reactivity  0                         
                                       PPI  A                                
NFPA RATING                            Health  1                             
                                       Fire  1                               
                                       Reactivity  0                         
                                       Special  none                         
REASON FOR ISSUE                       Three Year Up-date                    
PREPARED BY                            James P. Heidel                       
TITLE                                  Technical director, R&D               
APPROVAL DATE                          September 1, 2010                     
SUPERCEDES DATE                        December 17, 2007                     
REVISION NUMBER                        A-3                                   
This information is to the best of Turtle Wax, Inc.'s knowledge and belief,   
accurate and reliable.  However, no representation, warranty, or guarantee is 
made to its accuracy, reliability or completeness.  It is the user's          
responsibility to satisfy himself as to the suitableness and completeness of  
such information for his own particular use.                                  


The information contained in this was obtained from current and reliable sources, however, the data is provided without any warrenty, expressed or implied, regarding its correctness or accuracy. Since the conditions or handling, storage and disposal of this product are beyond the control of Imperial Supplies LLC, Imperial will not be responsible for loss, injury, or expense arising out of the products improper use. No warranty, expressed or inferred, regarding the product described in this '' shall be created or inferred by any statement in this ''. Various government agencies may have specific regulations regarding the transportation, handling, storage, use, or disposal of this product which may not be covered by this ''. The user is responsible for full compliance.