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Sheet 0055150

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                                    MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET

                  Section 1:  PRODUCT  & COMPANY IDENTIFICATION

Product Name:   Diesel Fuel Therapy�Plus Anti-Gel
Product Number (s):  05412

Manufactured By:   CRC Industries, Inc.             (215) 674-4300
                     885 Louis Drive, Warminster, PA 18974
                     24-Hour Emergency Information:  CHEMTREC    (800) 424-9300


Component                           CAS         ACGIH     OSHA    OTHER
                                    NUMBER      TLV       PEL     LIMITS   %
Petroleum Distillate w/additive     64742-94-5  NE       400 ppm 100 ppm   1-10
Petroleum Distillate w/additive     64742-95-6  NE       400 ppm 100 ppm   1-10
Petroleum Distillate                68476-34-5  NE       400 ppm 100 ppm   80-90

                        SECTION 3:  HAZARDS IDENTIFICATION

   Appearance & Odor:  Light amber, clear liquid.
   Danger: Combustible. Harmful or Fatal if Swallowed.

Potential Health Effects:
   Inhalation:  Mist may cause breathing problems. Vapors may cause headaches,
                nausea and dizziness.
   Eyes;        Irritation, burning
   Skin:        Dryness
   Ingestion:   NA

Carcinogenicity:           OSHA;   No       IARC;       No         NTP:     No
Chronic Overexposure:     Dermatitis.
Medical Conditions Aggravated by Exposure:  NA

                          SECTION 4;  FIRST AID MEASURES

Inhalation:  Remove to fresh air. Give artificial respiration if necessary.

Eyes:        Flush with large amounts of water for 15 minutes.

Skin:        Remove contaminated clothing and wash area with soap and water.

Ingestion:   Call a physician. Do not induce vomiting.

                        SECTION 5;  FIRE-FIGHTING MEASURES

Flashpoint:  144�F         Method:   TCC      LEL:  ND   UEL:  ND
Extinguishing Media:         CO2, foam and dry chemical
Hazardous Combustion Products:   CO, CO2 (fire)
Fire-fighting Instructions;      Remove containers from fire area if possible.
               Use self-contained breathing apparatus for fire

NFPA:      Health:  2   Flammability:  2   Reactivity:  0
HMIS:      Health:  2   Flammability:  2   Reactivity:  0      PPE: B


Spill/Leak Procedures;  Area should be ventilated. Absorbent should be used to
pick up excess material. All used and unused product should be disposed of in
accordance with federal, state and local regulations.

                         SECTION 7.  HANDLING AND STORAGE

Handling Procedures:  Store in a cool, dry area.


Engineering Controls:  Adequate to prevent accumulation of vapors. Use
mechanical means if necessary to maintain levels below the exposure limits. If
working in a confined space, follow applicable OSHA regulations.

Respiratory:  Use NIOSH/MSHA compliant respirators or self-contained breathing
apparatus above exposure limits. Follow OSHA regulations 29 CFR 1910.134.

Protective Clothing/Equipment: Wear chemically protective gloves and safety
glasses. Use a splash apron and boots if splashing occurs.


Physical State:      Liquid      Appearance & Odor:     Light amber, clear liqui
Specific Gravity;    0.8571      Boiling Point:          ND
Freezing Point:      ND          Vapor Pressure:         ND
Evaporation Rate:    NA          Vapor Density (air=1)   ND
pH:                  NA          Solubility;             Negligible in water.

Dissolves in most organic solvents.

Volatile Organic Compounds: %:   g/L:      840      lbs./gal:    7.00

                      SECTION 10;  STABILITY AND REACTIVITY

Stability;   Stable
Hazardous Polymerization:  No
Chemical Incompatibilities:   Strong oxidizers.
Materials to Avoid:        Strong oxidizers.
Hazardous Decomposition Products;    None


Long-term toxicological studies have not been conducted for this product. See
Section 3 of this MSDS for acute symptoms of overexposure and carcinogenicity

                       SECTION 12;  ECOLOGICAL INFORMATION

Ecotoxicity;       No data available.
Environmental Fate:     No data available for biodegradation.

                       SECTION 13;  DISPOSAL CONSIDERATIONS

Disposal:  This material if discarded may be hazardous waste under U.S.EPA RCRA
regulations. All disposal activities must comply with federal, state and local
regulations. Contact your local or state environmental agency for specific
rules. Do not dump into sewers, on the ground or into any body of water.


Shipping Name;      Not Regulated
Hazard Class:       NA
UN NUMBER:          NA
Packing Group:      NA
Label:              NA
Placard;            NA
Special Provisions: NA

                       SECTION 15;  REGULATORY INFORMATION

TSCA;         All components are either listed under TSCA or are exempt.
SARA Title III:   Section 311/312:   NA
Section 313*:   NA

CERCLA/Superfund  (RQ):           NA
Extremely Hazardous Substances:        No

California Prop 65:
   This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause
   cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm.

   See Section 2 for percentage

                       SECTION 16;  ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Prepared By:         Adam M. Selisker      Date:         April 24, 2003
Technical Information:      (800) 521-3168         CRC #:    637K
This information is accurate to the best of CRC Industries' knowledge or
obtained from sources believed by CRC to be accurate. Before using any product,
read all warnings and directions on the label.

CAS;   Chemical Abstract Service          NA:         Not Applicable
ppm:   Parts per Million                  ND:         Not Determined
TCC;   Tag Closed Cup                     NE:         Not Established
LEL:   Lower Explosive Limit              g/L:        grams per Liter
UEL:   Upper Explosive Limit              lbs./gal:   pounds per gallon
PPE:   Personal Protection Equipment      RQ:         Reportable Quantity
COC:   Cleveland Closed Cup


The information contained in this was obtained from current and reliable sources, however, the data is provided without any warrenty, expressed or implied, regarding its correctness or accuracy. Since the conditions or handling, storage and disposal of this product are beyond the control of Imperial Supplies LLC, Imperial will not be responsible for loss, injury, or expense arising out of the products improper use. No warranty, expressed or inferred, regarding the product described in this '' shall be created or inferred by any statement in this ''. Various government agencies may have specific regulations regarding the transportation, handling, storage, use, or disposal of this product which may not be covered by this ''. The user is responsible for full compliance.