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Sheet 0046070

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Material Safety Data Sheet | |
Date of issue:      |Revision Date: September 02, |Revision Number: 7    
                    |2010                         |                      
Imperial Supplies Part Number: 0046070.pdf                                
1. PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION                                     
Permatex, Inc.                                                            
10 Columbus Blvd.                                                         
Hartford, CT 06106 USA                                                    
Telephone: 1-87-Permatex (877) 376-2839                                   
Emergency  Phone: 800-255-3924 (ChemTel)                                  
International Emergency: +01-813-248-0585                                 
Product Name: 95208 NO TOUCH AUTO GLASS STRIPPER 8 FL.OZ                  
Product Code(s): GS8-12                                                   
Recommended Use:                                                          
UN-Number: None                                                           
Product Type: Cleaner                                                     
2.  HAZARDS IDENTIFICATION                                                
Appearance: Brown    |Physical State:          |Odor: Oil-like odor       
liquid               |                         |                          
Potential Health Effects                                                  
Principle Routes of Exposure: Ingestion may cause nausea and vomiting.    
Overexposure may cause eye and skin redness. Inhaling may cause mild      
irritation to the nose, throat and respiratory tract and may result in    
central nervous system (CNS) depression.                                  
Acute Effects:                                                            
Eyes                 |                                                    
Skin                 |                                                    
Inhalation           |                                                    
Ingestion            |                                                    
Chronic Effects:                                                          
Eyes                 |                                                    
Skin                 |                                                    
Inhalation           |                                                    
Ingestion            |                                                    
Aggravated Medical Conditions: Preexisting eye, skin and respiratory      
disorders may be aggravated by overexposure to this product.              
Environmental Hazard                                                      
3.  COMPOSITION/INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS                                
Chemical/Ingredient Name |CAS-No     |Weight%   |ACGIH,    |OSHA-PE|Other 
                         |           |          |TLV-TWA   |L      |      
WATER                    |7732-18-5  |35-45     |Not listed|Not    |      
                         |           |          |          |listed |      
DISTILLATES (PETROLEUM), |64742-47-8 |35-45     |Not listed|Not    |      
HYDROTREATED LIGHT       |           |          |          |listed |      
CALCINED DIATOMACEOUS    |91053-39-3 |<10       |Not listed|Not    |      
EARTH                    |           |          |          |listed |      
ALUMINUM OXIDE           |1344-28-1  |<10       |Not listed|Not    |      
                         |           |          |          |listed |      
ETHYLENE GLYCOL          |107-21-1   |<5        |Not listed|Not    |      
                         |           |          |          |listed |      
BENZENESULFONIC ACID     |90218-35-2 |<5        |Not listed|Not    |      
                         |           |          |          |listed |      
                         |           |          |          |       |      
4.  FIRST AID MEASURES                                                    
General Advice                                                            
Eyes                |In case of contact, immediately flush eyes with      
                    |plenty of water for at least 15 minutes and get      
                    |medical attention if irritation persists.            
Skin                |Remove contaminated clothing. Wash area with soap and
                    |water. If irritation persists, seek medical          
Inhalation          |Move to fresh air in case of accidental inhalation of
                    |vapours. If symptoms persist, call a physician.      
Ingestion           |Do not induce vomiting. Slowly dilute with 1-2       
                    |glasses of water or milk and seek medical attention. 
                    |Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious       
Notes to Physician  |                                                     
Protection of       |                                                     
First-aiders        |                                                     
Notes               |                                                     
5.  FIRE-FIGHTING MEASURES                                                
Flammability/Flammable     |                                              
properties                 |                                              
Flash point                |>212 Deg. F                                   
Recommended Extinguishing  |Carbon Dioxide, Dry Chemicals, Foam.          
Media                      |                                              
Special  Fire-Fighting     |Water spray may be ineffective on flames but  
Procedures                 |should be used to keep fire-exposed containers
                           |cool. Firefighters should wear self-contained 
                           |breathing apparatus.                          
Explosion Data             |May ignite when sufficient heat is applied.   
Sensitivity to Mechanical  |                                              
Impact                     |                                              
Sensitivity to Static      |                                              
Discharge                  |                                              
Specific Hazards from      |                                              
Chemical                   |                                              
Protective Equipment       |                                              
NFPA |Health Hazard: |Flammability: 1|Instability:|Physical Hazard        
     |1              |               |0           |                       
HMIS |Health Hazard: |Flammability: 1|Physical      |PPE:                 
     |1              |               |Hazard: 0     |                     
6.  ACCIDENTAL RELEASE MEASURES                                           
Personal Precautions                                                      
Environmental Precautions                                                 
Methods for Containment                                                   
Methods for Cleaning Up                                                   
Spill Procedures: Eliminate all sources of ignition. Absorb spill or leak 
with sand or cloth. Sweep or shovel into an appropriate waste container   
until disposal. Flush spill or leak area with water.                      
7.  HANDLING AND STORAGE                                                  
Handling: Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Do not inhale vapors. Wash    
thoroughly after handling. Keep container closed when not in use.         
Storage: Store away from heat, sparks or open flame. Do not store at      
temperatures above 100�F (38�C).                                          
8.  EXPOSURE CONTROLS/PERSONAL PROTECTION                                 
Exposure Guidelines                                                       
Chemical Name    |ACGIH TLV    |OSHA PEL      |NIOSH IDLH     |OTHER      
                 |             |              |               |           
                 |             |              |               |           
                 |             |              |               |           
Engineering Measures                                                      
Personal Protective Equipment                                             
Eyes/Face Protection|Safety glasses.                                      
Skin and Body       |Neoprene or nitrile gloves recommended.              
Protection          |                                                     
Respiratory         |An approved organic vapor respirator should be worn  
Protection          |when exposures are expected to exceed the applicable 
Ventilation/Other   |General; local exhaust ventilation as necessary to   
                    |control any air contaminants to within their exposure
                    |limits (or to the lowest feasible levels when limits 
                    |have not been established) during the use of this    
Hygiene Measures                                                          
9.  PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES                                      
Appearance       |Brown liquid |Odor                |Oil-like odor       
Odor Threshold   |             |Physical State      |                    
Color            |             |Viscosity           |                    
pH               |6.5          |Percent  Volatile,  |                    
                 |             |wt. %               |                    
Flash Point      |             |Auto-ignition       |                    
                 |             |Temperature         |                    
Decomposition    |             |Boiling Point/ Range|212�F               
Temp             |             |                    |                    
Melting          |             |Freezing Point      |                    
Point/Range      |             |                    |                    
Flammability     |             |Explosion Limits    |                    
Specific Gravity |1.0          |Water Solubility    |Soluble             
Solubility       |             |Evaporation Rate    |<1 (butyl acetate = 
                 |             |                    |1)                  
Vapor Pressure   |Not          |Vapor Density       |(Air=1): >1         
                 |Determined   |                    |                    
VOC content, wt. |<4% by weight|                    |                    
%                |             |                    |                    
                 |             |                    |                    
10. STABILITY AND REACTIVITY                                              
Chemical Stability        |Stable at normal conditions                    
Incompatible Products     |Avoid contact with bases and strong oxidizers  
Conditions to avoid       |Avoid any source of ignition.                  
Hazardous Decomposition   |                                               
Products                  |                                               
Hazardous Polymerization  |Will not occur                                 
11. TOXICOLOGY INFORMATION                                                
Acute Toxicity: This product contains ethylene glycol ethers which may be 
harmful in high concentrations. May cause eye, skin and respiratory       
irritation. May cause gastrointestinal irritation.                        
Product          |                                                        
Information      |                                                        
Inhalation       |                                                        
Eye Contact      |                                                        
Skin Contact     |                                                        
Ingestion        |                                                        
Chemical Name   |LD50 Oral      |LD50 Dermal       |LC50 Inhalation      
                |               |                  |                     
                |               |                  |                     
Chronic Toxicity |                                                        
Chemical Name    |ACGIH           |IARC      |NTP          |OSHA          
                 |                |          |             |              
                 |                |          |             |              
Target Organ Effects                                                      
12.  ECOLOGICAL INFORMATION                                               
The Environmental impact of this product has been fully investigated      
Chemical Name|Toxicity to   |Toxicity to  |Tox, to       |Daphnia Magna   
             |Algea         |Fish         |Microorganisms|(water flea)    
             |              |             |              |                
             |              |             |              |                
             |              |             |              |                
Notes: No data available                                                  
13.  DISPOSAL CONSIDERATIONS                                              
Waste Disposal Methods: Disposal should be made in accordance with        
federal, state and local regulations.                                     
Contaminated Packaging                                                    
US EPA Waste number: NH - Not a RCRA Hazardous Waste Material             
14.  TRANSPORTATION INFORMATION                                           
DOT: (49CFR 172)                                                          
UN-Number           |None                                                
Proper Shipping name|Not regulated                                       
Hazard Class        |None                                                
Packing Group       |                                                    
Description         |                                                    
Emergency Response  |                                                    
Guide Number        |                                                    
UN-Number           |                                                    
Proper Shipping name|                                                    
Hazard Class        |                                                    
Packing Group       |                                                    
Description         |                                                    
MEX                 |                                                    
UN-Number           |                                                    
Proper Shipping name|                                                    
Hazard Class        |                                                    
Packing Group       |                                                    
Description         |                                                    
UN-Number           |                                                    
Proper Shipping name|                                                     
Hazard Class        |                                                     
Packing Group       |                                                     
Description         |                                                     
UN-Number           |None                                                 
Proper Shipping name|Not regulated                                        
Hazard Class        |None                                                 
Packing Group       |                                                     
ERG Code            |                                                     
Description         |                                                     
UN-Number           |None                                                 
Proper Shipping name|Not regulated                                        
Hazard Class        |None                                                 
Packing Group       |                                                     
EmS No.             |                                                     
Description         |                                                     
UN-Number           |                                                     
Proper Shipping name|                                                     
Hazard Class        |                                                     
Packing Group       |                                                     
Classification Code |                                                     
Description         |                                                     
ADR/RID-Labels      |                                                     
UN-Number           |                                                     
Proper Shipping name|                                                     
Hazard Class        |                                                     
Packing Group       |                                                     
Classification Code |                                                     
Description         |                                                     
ADR/RID-Labels      |                                                     
Proper Shipping name                                                      
Hazard Class                                                              
Packing Group                                                             
Classification Code                                                       
Special Provisions                                                        
Hazard Labels                                                             
Limited Quantity                                                          
15.  REGULATORY INFORMATION                                               
International Inventories                                                 
TSCA: All components of this product are listed (or exempt) on the EPA    
TSCA inventory.                                                           
U.S. Federal Regulations                                                  
SARA 313: ETHYLENE GLYCOL                                                 
SARA 311/312 Hazard Categories                                            
Acute Health Hazard                                                       
Chronic Health Hazard                                                     
Fire Hazard                                                               
Sudden Release of Pressure Hazard                                         
Reactive Hazard                                                           
Clean Water Act                                                           
U.S. State Regulations:                                                   
California Proposition 65: No California Prop 65 chemicals are known to be
U.S. State Right-to-Know Regulations                                      
International Regulations                                                 
16.  OTHER INFORMATION                                                    
Prepared By: Denise Boyd, Manager-Environmental, Health & Safety          
Revision Date: September 02, 2010                                         
Company: Permatex. Inc. 10 Columbus Blvd. Hartford, CT USA 06106          
Revision number: 7                                                        
Telephone number: 1-87-Permatex (877) 376-2839                            
Other Information                                                         
Disclaimer information                                                    
END OF MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET                                         


The information contained in this was obtained from current and reliable sources, however, the data is provided without any warrenty, expressed or implied, regarding its correctness or accuracy. Since the conditions or handling, storage and disposal of this product are beyond the control of Imperial Supplies LLC, Imperial will not be responsible for loss, injury, or expense arising out of the products improper use. No warranty, expressed or inferred, regarding the product described in this '' shall be created or inferred by any statement in this ''. Various government agencies may have specific regulations regarding the transportation, handling, storage, use, or disposal of this product which may not be covered by this ''. The user is responsible for full compliance.